The test of the flying speed and the flying speed of throwing objects-3u8895

Throwing missiles flying hero speed test and missile flight speed record list shadowplay, G-SYNC ON, 175HZ stable frames, PR analysis tools. The best test is the angel and 0 armor DVA missiles flying speed, because it is an integer. Since it is a test, there is a certain error. That is close to 1, or close to 0.83 seconds to consider that the landlord recorded only 60FPS, so we set the test error in ± 0.05s is credible, then you can tell which group data is correct which is wrong, because the gap is too large for 0.17 seconds. (some screenshots) directly on the 0623-0722 0809-0906 data for 0.99 seconds 0.97 seconds 0.99 seconds 0.97 seconds 1009-1108 1123-1220 0306-0402 0427-0526 0615-0713 for 0.96 seconds 0.99 seconds 0.98 seconds 0.98 seconds 0.96 seconds 0804-0902 0918-1014 conclusion is the angel of the missile flight speed of 40 m sec missiles flying speed from the list of trusted LINK there are mentioned above, is a great God to do [[welcome to the test, but the recording 60FPS definitely has error, conditional can try 120FPS or higher screen recording software and high speed camera machine to verify. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: