The supreme commander of the conquest front was killed or killed in an American air strike

Syria "conquer the front" supreme commander was killed or died in the U.S. air strikes – Beijing [Global Times correspondent in Egypt Han Xiaoming] Syria anti-government armed extremist organizations, "the conquest of front 9 days on twitter confirmed that a strike the top military commander Sara Kay died in Syria in northern Aleppo, but Sara Kay died did not disclose which country’s military action. Reuters quoted sources as saying that Sara Kay in the West Village village of Aleppo City home Anaya meeting attack. In addition to Sara, there are several senior members of the organization were killed or injured. Reuters said that armed opposition sources said the air strikes may be initiated by the u.s.. Sara Kay is "conquering the front" is also the founder of one of the top brass. In July this year, the organization claimed to break away from the base organization, and from the support front (the United States identified as support for terrorist organizations – editor’s note) changed its name to the conquest front". Analysts believe that the results of the conquest front air strikes will affect the negotiations around the Syria issue.相关的主题文章: