The sudden failure of the Zhangzhou jade Gulf engine three fishermen stranded at sea-luonv

The sudden failure of the Zhangzhou jade Gulf engine three fishermen stranded at sea Herald News (reporter correspondent Su Haohui Xiao Zhenping Ventura) engine suddenly failed, 3 people were trapped laver farming on the boat, while fishing boat ran aground and capsized in danger at any time. October 30th, 12 am, the incident six Zhangpu town emerald bay outside the sea. After the alarm, the Zhangpu public security border brigade six Ao border police station immediately launched the maritime emergency rescue plan, organization officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, and contact the local steel vessels from the sea the nearest port sea rescue. Half an hour later, the rescue ship arrived at the sea, the stormy sea, rescue boats near continuous several times were trapped open fishing boats. After many times close to each other, the director of Yican ships on what seize the moment, with a rope jumping ship stranded, stranded steel tie the boat to a rescue boat, and assist the maintenance of the master out ship engine fault. Subsequently, the trapped fishing boat was towed to the nearest wharf, 3 fishermen were rescued successfully. It is reported that the morning of 10 am, the incident of breeding boats carrying 3 fishermen from the shore to laver breeding area, 12 pm engine failure. 3 people did not carry any communication tools to the sea, the incident area is not a waterway, and far from the shore, there is no passing ship, trapped 3 people can only take turns waving clothes in the bow, trying to send distress signals. Fortunately, the incident site is opposite the Emerald Bay scenic area, there are a few tourists playing on the beach. One of the tourists found them when they watched the waves with a telescope, and promptly called the police, 3 of them were rescued.

漳州翡翠湾外海发动机突发故障 三渔民被困海上   导报讯(通讯员 苏皓晖 记者 萧镇平 文 图)发动机突然发生故障,3人被困紫菜养殖船上,而渔船随时有触礁和翻船危险。10月30日12时许,事发漳浦六鳌镇翡翠湾外海。   接警后,漳浦公安边防大队六鳌边防派出所立即启动海上应急救援预案,组织官兵火速赶赴现场,并联系当地一艘铁壳船从离事发海域最近的码头出海救助。   半个多小时后,救援船抵达事发海域,此时海上风大浪急,救援船连续靠近几次均被受困渔船撞开。经多次互相靠近后,该所干事何毅灿抓住两船相靠一瞬间,带着缆绳跳上受困船,将受困船绑在铁壳救援船上,并协助维修师傅排除了船上发动机故障。随后,受困渔船被拖往就近码头,3名渔民成功获救。   据悉,当天早上10时许,事发养殖船载着3名渔民从岸边出发前往紫菜养殖区,12时许发动机发生故障。3人出海未携带任何通信工具,事发海域又并非航道,且远离岸边,旁边并无过往船只,被困3人只能轮流用衣服在船头挥舞,试图发出求救信号。   所幸,事发地点对面是翡翠湾景区,有少许游客在沙滩游玩。其中一个游客在用望远镜观赏海浪时发现了他们,并及时报警,3人才得以获救。相关的主题文章: