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The State Council today launched third major inspection 20 inspection teams to the country – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 18th news (reporter Hou Yan) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported that the State Council launched third major inspection, starting from today, 20 inspection teams to all localities and departments, on the four aspects of the work of 23 key content inspection. From the first 8 inspectors group, to the second group of inspectors, and then to the third group of inspectors, the State Council, the intensity of the major supervision in the gradual strengthening of the 20 of the 11. The coverage of the inspection is also broader, including the country’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the relevant departments of the state council. This inspection focused on maintain steady economic development, promote the supply side structural reform, promote innovation driven development, protect and improve the livelihood of the four aspects of 23 key work content, to promote the various regions and departments to earnestly perform their duties, in order to promote the major policy initiatives, key investment projects, an important livelihood projects to accelerate the floor, to keep the economy running in a reasonable range, to ensure the completion of the annual economic and social development of the main objectives and tasks. According to reports, third major inspection will focus on the central economic work conference and the requirements of the government work report, focusing on the current economic operation and the reform and development of the outstanding issues, control related work and quantitative indicators of the deployment of key tasks, one by one to implement, layers of conductive pressure, promote the work ahead, pay close attention to dry. State Department counselor researcher Yao Jingyuan pointed out that the supervision of both the continuation of the overall goal of two times before the inspection, also has the obvious characteristic of the new. These three years, the overall downward pressure on the economy is relatively large, so there is a steady growth of big goals. But the more steady growth and structural adjustment, the supply side reform combined, the inspection more around to production, to inventory, leverage, cost reduction and fill short board, the inspection characteristic is very important to the steady growth and the supply side reform together, not only solve the problem of short period, also to solve the long-term deep the problem." The State Council for the second time for the first time the administrative supervision of accountability. This inspection notice also pointed out that there are still some localities and departments in depth and reform work coordination and policy supporting, measures are not in place, the existence of individual cadres lazy politics and not as messy as lazy political phenomenon, the impact of the decision to deploy landing force. Yao Jingyuan pointed out that these issues will also be the focus of this inspection. In accordance with the requirements of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market, but at the same time have to play a good role of government. The role of governments at all levels at this stage in the economic and social development is very important, if lazy government, omission or chaos as it will make the market mechanism to play the role of constraints, so that the target can not be put in place." According to the work arrangement, the supervision by way of self-examination after the field inspection, checking to seek truth from facts, is false and concealed, where the on-site inspection found fraud, be criticized. In various regions and departments to carry out self-examination on the basis of the State Council sent 20 inspection teams to the region and the relevant departments of the State Council to carry out on-site supervision. China hong.相关的主题文章: