The Shanghai men’s basketball team was really ugly Yao Ming cited Tucao for the reform of the

The Shanghai men’s basketball team was cited Tucao: really ugly Yao Ming worry for the reform of the Shanghai men’s basketball team was renamed sina sports news cited Tucao Shanghai men’s basketball team announced in October 13th in the new season will be renamed "Shanghai BiliBili basketball team", because the sharing website title sponsor for a "two dimension" and "barrage" video that is one of the birthplace of many network hot words, the Shanghai men’s basketball team announced that they work with a message for a time, but also by users have tucao. The following are some comment excerpts: AnthonyMartial Shanghai: foreign aid after the two yuan zzgg referred to as CBA boss Yao as boundless as the sea and sky: reform is really broken heart [laughs cry] teams are so chic [laughs] Wang Qiao at Shenyang: "BiliBili appearance" and "the foul is BiliBili first move." joint frequently is not easy to waste: ha ha ha DJ shouted: attack bilibili! Defense bilibili! Egg Hero: from "I fish" into "I B"…… Lin Bai: ha ha ha ha today the most happy smile Bo Mo and Mo to say: I want to see how the CCTV BiliBili team. Wan Achun: really, they they have beautiful basketball team, which team to change the name of anger: the most helpless people dedicated the world name forever Honor: two dimension to rule the world?! Sina sports micro-blog popular comments in the bottom of the above Tucao joke based message, we can see that users will be the news as an interesting topic. At the same time in the comments and forwarding, there are many different voices: This is not how well DargonChen:CBA NBA he is the name of the team without naming their own fixed name more don’t talk about the culture and history of the team ZY-A9: listen, call the Shanghai sharks as well, to get the name of the sponsor the senior BOSS this is engaged in commercial sports is not well   * * * CANANLEEE: Although the name is really ugly I love the B station, but China football basketball league these can not to put the old name for the name of the sponsor ah (I know they have a real original name, but publicly called new sponsorship, logo changed)… Really afraid of the day Durex, whisper into sports, then a season will take you over the past ten years to accumulate fans to dry feel shy said love? Most [right] related reading: two dimension to the three dimension! The Shanghai men’s basketball team was renamed the BiliBili team (New)相关的主题文章: