The Sexiest Email Autoresponder (yeah Baby!)

Business Ok, ok, I admit it: when it comes to my email autoresponder, I am kind of a "serial relationship" kind of guy. Ok, make that DEF-initely a "serial relationship" kind of guy. I’m sorry, but…take the most sexy email autoresponder on the planet, and once I get into a relationship with it, I immediatly devolop a "roving eye" and start looking for something better. It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment (there is nothing I’d like better than to have a nice, solid relationship with my email autoresponder, get married, settle down, and yes, even have a couple kids) …but fate, so far, hasn’t allowed me to fulfill that happy dream with any email autoresponder out there. Or so I’ve thought. But now, everything may be different. I say "may" because, as we all know, in the world of email autoresponders, things can change. But I have to say, the email autoresponder I’m currently in a relationship with is so reliable, so easy to use, gets such great deliverability, and (in other words) is so downright SEXY that I may just "tie the knot" and end my email autoresponder roving lifestyle forever. Maybe. Ok, so enough about me, let’s talk about my current squeeze, the sexiest of all email autoresponders. Her name is "icontact." Yes, icontact…she even has a sexy name, don’t you think? So warm, yet modern… Anyway, icontact, my latest email autoresponder, is no "girl Friday." I send out my emails with her every single day – and even twice a day. Now that’s hot. And, listen to this…my girl icontact not only is super easy, but she can do tracking and testing too. How accomplished is that? Want to send out an email through your email autoresponder and test the subject line, so that you know which subject does best? Just hit the "split test" option and icontact takes care of it for you. And here’s the best part: her deliverability. If you’ve ever had deliverability problems with your email autoresponder, as I have, you will relate to this. (My last email autoresponder was a nightmare when it came to deliverability. She always said she would change, but after so many broken promises, I had to call it off). My girl icontact, more often than not, gives deliverability in the range of 95% to – yes, read it and weep – 100%. If you aren’t experiencing this kind of deliverability each and every day with your email autoresponder, then you are missing a thrill, I can tell you. So, not to get too personal, but I don’t know what email autoresponder you have been seeing recently, but…if you haven’t been in a relationship, or even gone out on a date, with icontact yet, I would really recommend you at least give her a call. She’s not just any email autoresponder, she’s a Cadillac (with fins). Don’t worry, she won’t turn you down just because she’s in a relationship with me. She isn’t the kind of email autoresponder who’s locked into a "closed relationship," and she’s always willing to accommodate one more very good friend. Just as an aside, did you enjoy this article? I hope you did, because I did… And I didn’t even tell you how icontact and I make 3 million a year together, pulling in thousands a day through my email autoresponder, day after day. But we’re willing to share our deepest, darkest moneymaking secrets with you…just click the link below and you’ll be "in like Flynn." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: