The rise of the real estate fund business model the scale of billions of billions of people have bee

The rise of the real estate fund management mode: the size of over billion known offbeat disk access man offbeat disk access man: the rise of the real estate fund management mode, the scale has been over one hundred billion newspaper reporter Chen Zhi intern reporter He Jingjing Shanghai reported that the real estate where the money comes from the US from the three dimensions of banks, corporate bonds, debt overseas real estate survey enterprise capital flows. We have a surprise, with bank loans, loans and other financing channels tightened, present a new real estate financing methods are under way, that is the real estate fund to invest in commercial real estate holding business model. This allows developers to solve the problem of funds, but also to create a higher rental real estate fund to create a higher rental income. The insurance companies in addition to the traditional sense, the purchase of property and related transactions, is also trying to asset securitization road. Trust channel due to its relatively high cost of the past year, the scale of the downside, but there are signs of warmer in August. (Ceng Fang) introduction to some smart real estate developers will commercial real estate restructuring for the VIE architecture project this shell company holdings, if the real estate fund the purchase of commercial real estate projects, should be in the name of overseas investment for purchase of foreign exchange amount, then the corresponding subscription dollars for the outside shell company all the shares, realize the indirect commercial real estate acquisitions. When the real estate developers can use this money for the early repayment of u.s.. Despite the slowdown in the domestic economy, capital investment enthusiasm for real estate is still unabated. But, subject to the real estate market continued regulation, launched many third party financial institutions real estate funds began to change strategy — from the original real estate development project investment, to hold business mature office buildings and other commercial real estate projects to obtain steady rental returns. Recently, by Noah’s wealth and other three party financial institutions and real estate funds will hold commercial real estate business into an important investment strategy. "They’re just like the other guys." One person in charge of commercial real estate consulting agency bluntly. He recently helped a domestic real estate developers will hold a business building (located in the central area of first-tier cities) sold to a real estate fund, and real estate developers access to more than 1 billion yuan of funds, part of the repayment of bank loans to improve the financial situation, the other part is ready to continue to take to expand the business territory. He bluntly, the real estate fund to hold the business this year is expected to set up a return of 8%-9%, but the investment is expected to cash, still faces many challenges. But in the pattern of asset shortage, more and more funds are seeking a steady return in this way, it has become a new channel for the real estate market capital transfusion." Many financial industry insiders say. Hundreds of billions of real estate funds in the commercial real estate transaction advisory body, it seems that the real estate fund to find a high-quality commercial real estate acquisition targets, is not easy. Usually, the real estate fund management team to inspect the 10 commercial real estate projects to be sold, there are 1-2 to enter the stage of the acquisition negotiations, is already quite good results." He pointed out. Investigate its reason, usually on the ground相关的主题文章: