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The public holiday will support his truce: some things are more important to an early holiday through sina sports news Beijing time on September 17th, according to the official website NBA reported that the New Orleans pelicans team guard Zhu – Holiday temporary leave for the care of seriously ill wife, a move he got his teammates respect and support. The players have praised in an interview when the holiday practice, and that will always support him. There are many things in life than the basketball game bigger and more important, this is this offseason Pelican team are the most intuitive feelings. On Memorial Day weekend, they swingman Brice Jones was shot, just because he inadvertently wrong in a Dallas apartment, he thought it was his girlfriend’s apartment. Recently, their starting point guard holiday wife Lauren holiday was diagnosed with a brain tumor appeared, fortunately, the tumor can be treated by surgery. But slightly tricky is that Lauren is pregnant, and now can not be surgery, she can only endure the pain for some time, waiting for the birth of the child, in order to perform brain surgery. In order to take care of his sick wife and the baby is born, holiday to choose a temporary truce. Holiday will therefore miss the start of training camp in September 24th and even some of the new season. Even if the holiday decision will all focus on the family, the pelican team will not forget the holiday with his wife. Several players in Metairie training hall spontaneous training in an interview expressed their admiration for the holiday couple, said it had been concerned about them. The core of the star Anthony Davies in the three season and holiday partner all entered the all star, he said in an interview: "we all pray for the family, especially Lauren, I hope everything will be fine. Zhu is our starting point guard, although it seems that he will miss some of the new season, but this is not the most important." The little striker Quincy Pangdekesite is probably the earliest known holiday Pelican team players, they have more than 10 years ago to play in the AAU. He said: "we played together for the first time in about 04 or 05 years. I remember when I came home and said to my family, ‘this kid is going to be a great player,’ and he’s a great guy. I hope he will have a good time." Referring to the couple, he said: "now I am in a team, our friendship is not only about basketball. A holiday is a very good person, I will support them in any case." Center Alexis ajinca also expressed support for holiday: "he is our brother, he and his wife are going through a difficult thing, now we need support, we will always support them behind." Reserve guard Tim – Fraser first thanked the holiday of his teachings, he in March to a ten day contract to join the team, holiday in many ways to help him, gave him a lot of useful advice, final)相关的主题文章: