The prospect of the industry has gradually become the core of the stock standard-plants war

The prospect of the industry has gradually become the core standard of stock – private trader – jinbailin consulting Qinhong this week A shares market pattern of strong shocks, the stock market differentiation is more serious, the optimistic outlook for the industry and the medical services, environmental protection, cultural tourism and other stocks continued to force; industry outlook has great uncertainty, liquor stocks the new energy automobile stocks appear downward trend. For the current A-share market, the stock of funds on the screening of the A industry increasingly stringent. First, because the current valuation of A shares. In 2012, 2013 and the first half of 2014, the current A shares a lot of expensive, especially small and medium-sized market varieties valuation coordinate superior growth performance, must be more demanding. Once the growth performance is not up to expectations, continue to face the sell-off; if the performance of growth than expected, the stock price will continue higher concussion. In the first half of the new energy vehicles, the liquor industry is optimistic because the participants are optimistic about the prospects for the industry, making this kind of stocks become strong stocks in the first half. Two because of the current A shares of the capital side factors. The lack of incremental funding market, while the stock of funds has been consumed, such as IPO, the size of the non reduction required to undertake the stock of funds. At this time the stock funds only choose a high degree of market recognition, varieties of industry prospects are optimistic, to hold together for warmth, to gain. Once adverse changes in the industry, there will be rapid withdrawal of funds. The new energy automobile plate previously mentioned will face greater selling pressure in the second half of the year, not only because of lower than expected sales growth is still in decline, financial subsidies for new energy vehicles makes the prospects facing uncertain factors. Look at the liquor industry, many of the main regional market liquor stocks semi annual results were significantly lower than expected, part of the funds to increase the intensity of withdrawal. In the operation, the uncertainty of the industry prospects for the plate or stocks, to avoid as far as possible. After all, A-share market is still a considerable number of A industry is relatively optimistic about the variety of positive. First, the policy is expected to determine the relative variety. For example, the recent PPP related species industry funds continued opening of the situation, Mongolian grass ecological varieties is that buying power Everfount continued peatlands. Mainly because of the current economic environment, the benefit of the future development of the PPP industry to benefit from the fiscal policy is more optimistic about the number of. Look at the benefits of reform varieties, mainly refers to the local independent Power Grid Corp, because the current reform of the distribution sector has been accelerated, it is reported that five provinces electricity reform program approved, which will break the monopoly of regional electricity sales. For the distribution of independent experience in the field of independent power grid listed companies is a big positive, such stocks are becoming active in the near future. Two is the future demand relative to determine the varieties. Talking about future demand, many market participants first reaction is food and drink. However, with the changes in the demographic dividend and consumption habits change, the food and beverage industry change is the surge high and sweep forward. Such as milk powder production as the representative of the milk industry, the beer production as the representative of the wine industry, internal change greatly, the number of listed companies performance decline trend, this shows that the analysis of future needs to be more careful. 50, after the end of the 60 and even more than a few generations after the accumulation of wealth in the 70.相关的主题文章: