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The players of the car, the absolute world first-class treatment, really good – Sohu cars in the domestic sports industry should be high income in addition to basketball football, football players paid remarkable, a lot of players, coaches, the boss has a luxury car, the players have more luxury cars driving a Martha Lahti sports car, too open about two hundred thousand Buick regal. Regardless of their skills, but their car is absolutely first-class. As the national football captain Zheng Zhi’s car is a Porsche. As the national team and rival captain, Zheng Zhi in addition to have a Porsche Panamera, and cayenne and BMW, the Liaoning license plate BMW Zheng Zhi is on the football field, fight for so long has several car is not unusual. Gao Lin as an important member of the team, not only a high salary, the car is also a high grade, is the opening of a small sports car Porsche Boxster, the starting price of about 700000, it is said that he bought the car is a girlfriend. Then he put a black spray into the original pink, very cool, very conspicuous, height 186CM, weight 75KG he sat here in Porsche is not a bit crowded. Even more exaggerated is that there is still a small car than Porsche smart, such as height and weight, the car is not a little Meng Gao Lin. With a sports car and a mini car, how can you do not have a car for their own, Henan Zhengzhou Land Rover SUV license plate space, open up more suitable for him. Worth the money Zhang Lin? Open is a Buick Regal, for he is too common, too low-key. Feng Xiaoting NISSAN Kroraina and Buick Regal is similar, low-key practical, price is also good, looking not eye-catching. See the license plate (HJM) that players Hao Junmin, Martha Lahti’s car is a GT coupe, about 2000000 luxury car. Orange BMW X6 appearance is really cool, is Guoan players Yu Dabao, although the end of their conversion, they must conform to their own taste. Once opened the BMW into the campus and small fans interact, very affinity.相关的主题文章: