The Olympic swimming legend of King Vandecken, six car accident paralyzed

The Olympic swimming legend of King Vandecken, six car accident paralyzed Vandecken and Chinese player Le Jingyi with a number of famous sina sports swimming four strokes, Nongchao out of countless heroes, the handsome and beautiful long legs muscle be handed down from age to age, the stage of youth swimming this is not always the lack of attention, while the six continents have emerged the phenomenon of players. The Olympic swimming legend tells you is the legendary player Amy van dyken. Name: Amy van Dyken Nationality: American born: February 15, 1973 in the main items: freestyle butterfly Olympic record: 6 track and field gold and Jesse Joyner as a fan, but also Dekins asthma, and she injured in 2014 while driving paralysis is to let thousands swimming fans sigh. Thus, her short but brilliant swimming career is a classic memory in the minds of swimming fans. In the 1994 World Championships with Vandecken short distance freestyle debut, super star in the 96 Olympic Games, she won four gold, becoming the best American swimming female athletes, but four years later, van Dyken and won two relay champions, six crown career achievement. Vandecken’s career is about five or six years old, but it’s enough to get her on the list of the most successful American women stars in the history of the olympics. Vandecken is full of typical American forthright character, playing well in the competition. She personally only briefly held the women’s 50 meter butterfly world record, or short course. But in the 96 year of the Olympic Games, van Dyken won the 50 and 100 butterfly double crown, then take the 4×100 and 4×100 mixed two relay champion, she is the first one games won the four crown American female athletes, when she won numerous awards. But then Vandecken was injured during the operation training, personal strength and steep back after falling, but keep the 2000 Olympic Games since the main backup 4×100 and 4×100 mix, and reach six crowns, which mixed 4×100 finals did not play, but enough to make preliminary appearance on the gold medal hanging on his chest. (Wei Meng)

奥运名宿之泳坛女杰范戴肯 六金王遭遇车祸瘫痪 范戴肯与中国选手乐靖宜同一批出名   新浪体育讯  游泳四个泳姿,跃出无数弄潮英雄,代代相传的肌肉美男和长腿美女,使得游泳这个青春舞台永远不缺乏关注度,而六大洲也不断涌现着现象级选手。本期奥运游泳名宿为您讲述的是美国传奇女将艾米-范戴肯。   姓名:艾米-范戴肯   国籍:美国   出生:1973年2月15日   从事主项:自由泳 蝶泳   奥运战绩:6金   和田径界的杰西-乔伊娜-科西一样,范戴肯也是哮喘病患者,而她在2014年开车时重伤瘫痪更是让万千游泳迷唏嘘。由此她短暂却灿烂的游泳生涯,更是会成为泳迷心目中的经典记忆。   在1994年世锦赛以短距离自由泳出道的范戴肯,在96年奥运会上成为超级明星,她一口气拿下四金,成为当年全美国最佳游泳女选手,而在四年之后,范戴肯又拿下两项接力冠军,成就六冠事业。通算范戴肯明星生涯大概就五六年左右,但足以让她登上奥运会历史上最成功的美国女明星之列。   范戴肯身上洋溢的是典型美国豪爽性格,大赛时善于发挥。她个人其实只短暂保持过女子50米蝶泳世界纪录,还是短池。但在96年奥运会上,范戴肯拿下50自和100蝶双冠,接着拿下4×100自和4×100混两个接力冠军,她是第一位单届奥运拿下四冠的美国女选手,当年她获奖无数。   可惜随后范戴肯训练时受伤动了大手术,复出后个人实力陡降,但保住了2000年奥运会4×100自的主力和4×100混的替补位置,并就此达成六冠,这其中4×100混决赛并没有出战,但预赛出场就足可以让金牌挂在自己的胸前。   (威猛)相关的主题文章: