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The newspaper: money can only highlight the absurdity of school choice governance policy – Beijing from school see many educational problems of basic education, including school governance failure in Chen Zhiwen’s China social ills, the relevant departments for education reform and leave no stone unturned, education in China has made some achievements. But at the same time, some of the governance and reform measures is clearly a detour. Some measures are basically unable to solve the problem we want to solve, the more chaotic the situation changed. This series of problems, the core reason is to copy the United States and other developed countries, the theory and measures, combined with China’s national conditions and culture, so that some education reform into a dead end. General secretary Xi Jinping in the teachers’ Day Bayi school clearly pointed out: "our education reform need to adhere to the cultural self-confidence, good experience to adhere to, enough to be filled." We need to have the school as an example, carefully review the direction problem — Based on the governance of education money can only highlight the absurdity of school choice governance policy choice and embarrassment, but also reflects the recent educational governance on the wrong direction of the beginning of this year, Beijing only 11 square meters of dilapidated old house, because it is the famous Beijing the experiment of two small districts, sold at 5 million 300 thousand yuan price, about 460000 yuan a square metre price, creating a new record prices in Beijing. Subsequently, the relevant government departments to prove this rumor, speculation. But do not go to school district room price distortions. Almost at the same time, the Ministry of Education issued a document, a clear 2016 enrollment of compulsory education to science, instead of a single school scribe dicing "for scribing, the implementation of the multi school district in strict accordance with the household registration enrollment policy made a significant pullback. The word "school room" in the last 5 years Chinese unusually unpopular, prices soaring, are derived from many years ago of a basic policy choice on Governance: other channels to resolutely ban all kinds of test results of choice, in strict accordance with the household registration, the school district, to ensure fair. I am not familiar with the background of the introduction of this policy, but the school choice governance policy is clearly the main practice of the United States in public school choice management: do not let school choice, to ensure fair. However, the surface does not allow a person to choose school, do not let the money to use the right to choose school, in fact, give the school choice to open a big door: school choice, which is money school choice. In strict accordance with the results of the students in the household registration and enrollment of the school district, is bound to create another embarrassing situation: school district housing prices skyrocketing. This is another unfair, not only to strengthen the division of the stratum, also bring the real estate market distortions — inevitably blame and criticism of public opinion. In the face of choice, the burden of the education sector, leave no stone unturned, have taken a lot of measures, even ruthless hand, trying to change the focus of these difficult problems. It should be admitted that made some achievements, but also a lot of lessons, some of the policy direction of the problem, and finally had to callback, school governance is only one example. Most of these policies are blind to learn from the western educational governance measures, or blindly emphasize the correct theory, moral and correct. This is also the biggest directional problem in the educational administration in recent years. The school choice policy in the United States is part of its social governance policy.相关的主题文章: