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"The new vagabondize" Gongmi wit fix "quasi mother-in-law" sweet courtship of Sohu Gongmi entertainment Sohu plays "Ding Linglin" entertainment news by "costume beauty of oxygen" Gongmi, Zhang Xinyu, Yu Qingbin and partner Zhu Yilong Vincent Chiao and other powerful actors starring in the traditional martial arts of ancient drama "new vagabondize" installed in the Beijing TV broadcast week wonderful theater hit, now nearing the end of the story, and Gongmi as the "Ding Linglin" is also broadcast on the day before the episode after "mother-in-law" ask "fiance" to tell their own "virginity" of the truth, and was deeply moved by the "fiance". Two people finally married, in the common experience of life and death test after the fit again "sugar", for a single dog abuse". In the days before the episode aired, all of the plot are solved the riddle. Gongmi as the "Ding Linglin" is the first with Wang Yi’s "grey?" staged a "law against", and again in the "mother-in-law" pressed "fiance", to reveal when he died to save the detoxification of truth, since no secrets between two people. Gongmi in the play not only by virtue of their kindness and win the praise of "mother-in-law" was "fiance" sweet marriage, is full of life. On the way to the audience the most joy has also married happiness, quarrelsome lovers. Turning to the drama of love, Gongmi joked that, through the story of Ding Linglin told the girls a truth, in order to conquer the boyfriend, get her mother-in-law is the key! Before his own "vane" daozhui, he is still hard to change the nature of the "Prodigal Son", "mother-in-law" a horse, her boyfriend immediately marry, or "mother-in-law" the most awesome. But she also admitted that the "Ding Linglin" this role is very much worth learning the highlight body, her simple kind, brave and clever, is a very lovely girl, and worthy of love, is the only person that means she, by virtue of their own efforts, finally won the affection and love. It is reported that this film directed by Huang Zuquan, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xinyu, Gongmi, Vincent Chiao, Zhang Jun Ning and other famous actors join martial arts costume extravaganza will usher in the finale, when Gongmi in the play will also bring you how wonderful performance? More suspense, as in the Beijing TV Week theater broadcast Monday night 22:20 broadcast of the "new vagabondize".   相关的主题文章: