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The "New Silk Road" Kyrgyzstan Osh office to observe the anniversary celebration: Confucius college officials urgently need China information – Beijing, Osh national university students performing martial arts Chinese. Yan Lu Wen photo Beijing, November 13 Osh Xinhua (reporter Yan Lu Wen Tao Shuanke) following the publication of an anniversary celebration reception held in Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan "New Silk Road" on 12 evening newspaper in the southern city of Osh held a celebration of the anniversary of publication reception. Local leaders to participate in the activities of the said, obviously not commensurate with the degree of frequent information exchange and economic and cultural exchanges between Kyrgyzstan and the China, local people like to know China, hope that "the new observation" Silk Road can play a greater role. The administrative divisions of Kyrgyzstan are seven cities (municipalities), which are divided into two parts: the north and south of the Tianshan mountains. One of the four cities in the north of the city, the regional center of the city is the capital city of Bishkek (municipality), the southern city of the state of three, the central city of Osh city (municipality). The population of Kyrgyzstan is about 6000000, and that of South and north is half. More than 90 guests attended the celebration. Including the Consulate General of China representative in Osh Osh city of Osh, the parliament, government representatives, Chinese funded enterprises, Confucius college, the media industry and community leaders and representatives. Last November 11th, the "New Silk Road" to observe Kyrgyzstan only as a newspaper published by the Kyrgyz, Russian, Chinese text of the three weekly officially issued. At present, the "New Silk Road" has become the largest in Kyrgyzstan to observe the national issue, the weekly, normal circulation reached 17 thousand copies a week or more, during major events, will expand the printing quantity. Osh City Council Speaker as Minow says, "New Silk Road" were reported a lot of readers interested in the content. Yan Lu Wen by the vice governor of Osh Maher Buff Tor said, "congratulations on the new Silk Road" published the first anniversary of the observation, she is a characteristic of the newspaper, "I love her with the newspaper, Kyrgyzstan, Russia in three languages, in the dissemination of information, promote the mutual understanding of the two people, kyrgyzstan." Maher Buff Tor also said that many of China’s economic and trade delegation to visit Osh, which will promote the development of Osh’s economy. The local people need to know China information, but this channel is not much, "the new observation" Silk Road is more familiar to newspapers, newspapers can add more information China. The "new" Silk Road "report for observation five groups, a society of readers, after a year of deep, the harvest from each reader’s recognition and praise. The five groups include Chinese Americans, Chinese businessmen, Confucius college and foreign students, Chinese funded enterprises, Chinese people who come to China for a short time. Osh City Council Speaker as Minow says, "New Silk Road" were reported a lot of readers interested in the content. Here we also agree ‘than distant neighbors’ concept, Kyrgyzstan, the two countries are neighbors, newspapers help the people to understand each other, everyone’s heart will be closer to the "New Silk Road" was better to attract more readers". In addition to the weekly newspaper, "finished silk相关的主题文章: