The new car has been changed by the new consumer law litigation door 3 million compensation (video)

The new car has been changed by the new consumer law litigation compensation 3 million door car anti flicker 4S shop car sales / New Consumer Law: if party a fraud facts to retreat one lose three bought two months of "new", but was found to have maintenance maintenance records. Guangzhou Zengcheng Ge never thought that he spent more than 120 thousand yuan to buy a SUV, turned out to be a car accident. Find 4S shop confrontation, the other to let him have the burden of proof, Mr. Ge the 4S store on the court. A license by the car manufacturers, the store is structured large 4S shop has to deceive consumers? Reporters from the City Council, industry and Commerce Department was informed that the car dealer will "car accident" and "second-hand car" when the car sells similar fraud cases have occurred. Faced with such a situation, consumers how to deal with it? The reporter also interviewed lawyers and industry professionals, to the owners of a court. The owner shocked: just bought a new car was changed the door of Zengcheng Mr. Ge in June this year, a Xintang 4S store spent 120 thousand yuan to buy a car to go to the Great Wall H6 SUV, happily opened for maintenance after two months, the master told him, on the left side of the door was forced open repair, which strips out of order. In order to clarify the situation, Mr. Ge Guangzhou and Shenzhen Road, looking for third party authority vehicle inspection agency conducted a professional inspection, not only confirmed the vehicle left the front door was replaced, and the replacement or non original door, front and other parts have two traces of paint. The test proved that it was obviously a vehicle that had already occurred before it was sold to him! Mr. Ge took this test report for 4S shop claims, 4S stores but with all kinds of reasons to shirk and does not agree to return the car. No, he will 4S shop on the court. As of the date when the case is accepted. Coincidentally, recently, Ms. Cui Beijing will also be a local 4S shop on the court, reason is the same as that in May 2014 she purchased a nearly one million yuan of the "new", in this year when the maintenance found turned out to be a car since 2012 had many maintenance car accident records. According to the relevant regulations, Ms. Cui sued for refund of the purchase of car 4S shop, vehicle purchase tax and three times compensation for economic losses. The new consumer law: the owners litigation success will be three times the compensation Guangzhou Zengcheng Mr. Ge and Beijing Ms. Cui encounter, let consumers see the heart worried: Auto 4S shop is a bit if you accidentally That’s going too far., also encountered a similar situation, how to safeguard their rights? Guangdong Xin Hui Law Firm lawyer Zhou said: first of all, Beijing Ms. Cui’s "return the car and three times compensation" is not too much to ask. 4S shop selling cars on the original condition of "pull", did not inform consumers the truth, has violated the consumer’s right to know. According to the March 15, 2014 implementation of the "consumer protection law" the provisions of article fifty-fifth, fraud operators to provide goods or services shall, in accordance with the requirements of consumers increase the compensation for losses, three times increase the amount of compensation for consumers to purchase the commodity price or the cost of services received. That is to say, to spend 120 thousand yuan to buy the Harvard H6 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) "new" Mr. Ge to the law.相关的主题文章: