The moonlight of the cloud painting watch spike step by step first break 20%

"Cloud painted Moonlight" seckill "step by step" ratings first break 20% mark "cloud painted Moonlight" seventh sets of Tencent according to the South Korean entertainment news ratings company this morning released the latest data, 12 evening update "clouds Moonlight" ratings of up to 20.4%, refresh their best record. Korean KBS2TV drama on fire "cloud painted Moonlight" last night another new high ratings, the ratings increased by 1.6% than last week 18.8%, continue to lead, which is also the first time since the show started to break the 20% mark. The SBS drama on fire: "Li" is startling step by step to continue in the three South Korean television drama ratings on fire at the bottom. The drama actor Pu Baojian had set a ratings convention, if the "cloud painted Moonlight" wearing dresses will break through 20% ratings held fansign in gwanghwamoon, this "cloud painted Moonlight" crew said they are currently coordinated schedules, and soon to the implementation of the convention. The other during the same period of the TV series MBC, "the monster" rating was 10.6%; SBS’s "startling step by step: Li" ratings slid to 5.7%, bottom of the rankings.相关的主题文章: