The micro classroom about scenery photography what you should

The micro classroom about scenery photography you should know something about the scenery photography, we are most concerned about the problems may be where to go? And what to shoot? But this is not all as our focus when shooting, because the scenery photography is to combine the terrain and climate, several conditions to capture the ideal scenery large, we need to wait for the light, so that we can in the most beautiful moment to take the most beautiful scenery. One, regardless of what the subject matter of photography, I believe we will be the first thought of equipment. Then talk about landscape photography, we will think of what equipment? Large format film machine? Full frame digital SLR? Or no anti digital SLR? Or cell phone! In this case it is difficult to have a standard answer, the above machine can well complete the scenery of the photos, but as an occupation photographer, when filming to show the relationship between man and nature in the natural environment, to put their feelings through photography this visual expression. The author personally, because control of the preference for digital SLR, so in love or carry out shooting digital SLR camera, the current equipment, we believe that most of the hands of the camera is no anti SLR digital camera, this full-size SLR, because without the anti camera image sensor imaging, which is better. An indisputable fact, but for smaller sensor APS-C format, a lot of people say that shooting the picture quality in general, I do not agree with this point, with about 50000000 pixels Canon 5DS camera, and half of the new machine 80D has a 24 million pixel as an example, the half pixel multiplied by 80D 2 and about 50000000 pixels, which means the pixel density is similar, so in addition to frame size difference, not what difference, as a result, the quality of the 80D is also very ideal. So we should not blindly pursue equipment. The complex lens group in addition to the camera and lens, I want to take over the scenery buddy knows, the wide-angle lens has an advantage in filming scenes of the scene, but shooting scenery works, outdoor natural environment and does not reflect the difference of lens distortion, but to the city building scene shooting, the deformation it played a negative impact, in general, during the filming of city scenery, we use the shooting method, horizontal vertical, can be more to make the picture more positive. In order to better control the distortion, you can use the shift lens to control the distortion, the latter can also be used to modify the PS software. Two, the color of landscape photography for color, personally think that in the field of photography is a difficult part. The color of the cognitive decision in the late adjustment of your ideas, but also for a good work has laid an important foundation. And the cultivation of color is a long process. The color comes from the life from the painting, and the Chinese traditional culture in the black and white painting for the color of the little, the concept of color by the western oil painting into china. Of course, some people are naturally sensitive to color, color tone has a good ability to control, but the majority of small partners through the latter part of the study to enrich their own.相关的主题文章: