The May concert fans buy tickets next big screen can not see the new network – in winlinez

The May concert fans buy tickets and even large screen wall can not see – Beijing, Beijing, October 25, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, rock band May day 2016 concert tour, "Just Rock It! The 2016 is the concert tickets, tickets. However, in October 2nd held in Shanghai field, but there are fans complaints, he bought 555 yuan RMB yuan regional ticket, to the scene even the big screen can not see. The media reported that 1 days of May that iron idol to do concerts, immediately search the Internet to buy tickets, although he found the ticket network, the price higher than the original price of 225 yuan, but because it is a public web site selling, not too much doubt ordered, and seats and non optional, is by ticket allocation. Fans to the day of the concert, take the car for 13 hours before the meeting, happily after admission, hurried to find their own position (19 sets of 2 layer 39 rows of 11 seats) to want to sit down. Unexpectedly, his seat was beside the wall, not only to see the stage, even in a corner of the screen can not see, can only listen to the concert, "let him angrily complaints immediately. However, the reporter asked, pointing out that "the Shanghai organizers believe that music yesterday received the news, please attach great importance to special field to the local East ticket seats (19 2 39 rows of 11 seats) to view pictures, the harmless sight confirmed the seat ornamental concert, not as reported statements."相关的主题文章: