The man did not take toilet paper for 40 minutes to go by

The man did not take toilet paper for 40 minutes to go by sending in the toilet takeaway Mei Mei in the toilet of takeout orders yesterday, micro-blog and WeChat are in a post, said to forget to take paper Chongqing a man sitting on the toilet and then struck a takeaway, then…… Go by him really put away to the toilet, of course, still attached to the toilet paper! Post a map with the truth, also attached a takeout orders, shown above: it happened at noon on November 17th, near Nanping City of Shanghai in a fast food shop. Meal time is 11:58, is expected to be served at 12:38. Post people sigh: this man squatting in the toilet for 40 minutes, such as toilet paper will have to stand up? Is this reporter through the takeout orders the information linked to the order of people, that the interview intention, he laughed: "there was a netizen in Harbin called me, the" eat melon masses "just want to ask me this thing is not true?" The name of the people who take away plum, 25 years old, in a fresh electricity supplier. He smiled and told reporters, "it is true. Our company in the steam Bo, two days ago I Nanping to talk about things, people have three. I was looking for a fast-food restaurant in Shanghai city near the toilet, squatting on the mobile phone to play out, have finished up the tragedy: toilet paper! I don’t have a piece of paper!" "People may be in a hurry when the potential is infinite, I think some takeout, takeaway have napkins, such can take little brother to me to the bathroom!" So, Mr. Mei ordered the fast food takeaway, but also a special note: trouble with a little paper to the men’s toilet, squatting for half an hour, thank you, I come out to eat things." Mr. Mei said, in fact, he did not squat so long, squatting only about 10 minutes. About one or two minutes later, take little brother gave him to the toilet paper. A staff member of the restaurant also said, 17 noon really happened, but the food was not sent in, the customer is out of himself. Give yourself can my Mr. said: "I was very grateful to the go by, he took the paper from the toilet door to tuck me in. When I opened the door, he was still there. I wanted to say thank you." Mr. Mei’s mobile phone software meal records, show no go by telephone, go by never to call Mr. Mei, because go by directly to knock on the door. Since the store is responsible for delivery, the reporter linked to the fast-food restaurant, the other did not go by the interview arrangement. "Even if not, I just feel very funny, want to give their witty points a praise, do not know how to think of the doings of ghosts and gods order." Mr. Mei said, "at the same time to seek a go by the psychological shadow area."相关的主题文章: