The man cheated 60 thousand want to return the money when the liar accomplice and cheat others 270

The man cheated 60 thousand want to return the money when the liar accomplice and cheat others 270 thousand in order to give his son to find a good job in Nanjing, Lishui has the ability to find Ms. Yin, spent 270 thousand yuan know cheated. Recently, Nanjing Lishui police solve the case and arrested two suspects. Modern Express reporter learned that one of the suspects is actually the victim, because the cheated 60 thousand yuan to return home from the accomplice. Lishui citizens Ms. Yin has a problem, his son just graduated from college to the community, but has not found a job. In January last year, Ms. Yin inadvertently met the man Chen, I heard that this person is very broad, then asked him to help introduce the work. Chen is a "noble", mankoudaying. A few days later, he said to Ms. Yin: I can arrange your son into a bank internship in Lishui, but you need to give the bank leadership gifts rbi." Modern Express reporter learned that Ms. Yin holding a try mentality to Chen Hui to twenty thousand yuan. Sure enough, a few days later, Ms. Chen arranged for her son to report to the bank. Chen saw this well, Ms. Yin more believe in him, and in a few months time next to the inland continued to exchange 80 thousand yuan RBI fees, let the son of positive thinking. In early September last year, Chen told Ms. Yin: "your son has been admitted to another bank tomorrow, you let him go to the bank to sign a recruitment notice." Full of joy, Ms. Yin immediately arranged for his son to come to a designated bank Chen, then a person claiming to be the bank’s personnel manager downstairs will be hired to sign a letter to him. A few days later, the woman also informed Ms. Yin son went to the bank to fill out a notice of work, notify him to come to work a month later. Ms. Yin son found no bank official notice, "asked the personnel manager" Fu, Fu to give first president after the signing to deceive the past seal. Ms. Yin a little uneasy, they quietly added to the identity of a stranger WeChat, found in the chat that she is not a bank staff. Ms. Yin asked Chen, Chen with all kinds of excuses, then simply pulled her black. While Ms. Yin Chen has been being cheated 270 thousand, found after being cheated, Ms. Yin hurried to the police. Modern Express reporter learned that, after a month of investigation, the police will suspect Chen, Fu captured. According to Chen explained, he usually opened business, due to poor management, not only the factory collapsed, still owed a huge debt outside. In order to get rid of the debt will be around to defraud money. Let the police surprise, the suspect Fumou is actually the victim, had been cheated 60 thousand yuan chen. Later, after the discovery deceived find Chen Fu for money, while Ms. Yin Chen is fraud, he will let Fu help posing as bank staff to participate in fraud, and promised to get the money after all the money back to Fu, Fu was confused from the victim into fraud accomplice, not only the money did not want to also face legal punishment. At present, the suspect Chen Fu, a suspicion of fraud has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: