The horse dad told it to the side of the canal – Sohu and mutton pot icesword

The horse dad told it to the side of the canal and pan mutton – Sohu in recent years, the restaurant won the young chowhound are popular in Hangzhou, more and more. At the same time, unexpectedly, a group of foreign chowhound deeply in love with a company called "Jiangnan soil restaurant o two", they think of local ingredients than the foreign large-scale cultivation of agricultural products, to eat too much. "Two" in the circle of popular origin a foreigner "China daily" report, this newspaper is one of the few foreigners English way delicacy of information, but in fact they do not know, this store is already very red, in addition to the award-winning, Ma Yun, Gao Xiaosong, Kaige Chen, Wang Luodan, Nicky Wu, Huang Yi…… Have a guest. A two there are two, close to the canal in the history and culture of the big pockets of the road, called the canal a two, the decoration is simple and Jiangnan charm, not publicity, quite cultural temperament. A floor window is the canal green belt, green, two floor window door can Pinglan overlooking the Grande Canale, this is rare in the urban environment. Here the order to that file to see the dish, truly WYSIWYG, as to a small farmers market, food is abundant, notoginseng seedling, peanut seedling, arugula, cucumber and so on, are extremely rare vegetable varieties, from different cities and counties in rural areas of Zhejiang. Jiangnan a lamb: the store’s signature dishes, the ancient town of Huzhou City Lian Hu classic Jiangnan braised, simmer for 4 hours or more, brown sugar and Yellow Wine good to remove the smell of mutton, with light and pleasant aroma, slightly fat portions such as Dongpo’s braised pork like soft waxy soft, with part of the skin is quite chewy, and this is the love of the glutton. Roasted tomato Bacon: green tomatoes from Zhejiang Kaihua Qianjiang source with rapeseed oil and farm soil after bacon fried together, although the lack of red tomato sweet but sour crisp, very refreshing, is absolutely not the same taste of tomato. Pressure cooker: pork from Anhui Yixian County steamed pork with rice flour, which Tao Yuanming had written the famous "peach blossom spring. There is no industrial pollution, the original ecological pig growth cycle is four times of feeding pigs, a fine creamy meat, meat firmness, mouth to eat immediately feel the kind of long lost meat. The pot used for bedding is a sweet potato, can let the entrance steamed pork with rice flour is not greasy, but also because the absorption of fat, with pork flavor, eat better. Boiler soil pork circle: This is another eat pork soup in addition to soil, fresh meat, especially meat satisfaction, the main is high cost, so the pot is full of meat, as long as 38 yuan, soil food is really. Shrimp: the burning of white cucumber from Quzhou Longyou fat white guy is the cucumber, shrimp from Deqing quality shrimp origin, cucumber stew after taste is different, taste like melon, waxy waxy Xiangxiang, rapeseed oil fried after stew out of the soup fragrant, golden, so great appetite, drink more delicious. Tang Xi Zi Mao Taiwanese Meatballs: one of Tangqi traditional snacks, with meat and glutinous rice, glutinous and delicious, not greasy. The store has been please Tang Xi an 70 year old aunt, she made 20 years millet hair Taiwanese Meatballs, although not Kebanchushen, but no matter how professional chefs shop.相关的主题文章: