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The fourth quarter of blue chip stocks Whitehorse station on the air if you use one word to sum up the characteristics of recent A shares, "three low" may be the most appropriate, low risk, low volatility, low turnover created a weak market. However, behind the market volatility slowdown is anchaoyongdong. Shareholders of listed companies holdings of industrial capital surges, positive sense, "three low" prices might not last long. Insiders said that at present, the probability of significant improvement in risk appetite is not obvious, the fourth quarter breaking factor is more likely to come from the profit side. Market is expected in the four quarter of A shares of listed companies will increase earnings growth, the future of the game is expected to start around the performance of the structure. "Three low" market led the market in the first quarter of A shares is the core word". Circuit breakers superimposed devaluation of the renminbi to trigger the market "1000 point drop", financial panic fled. The next two months, the market entered a long period of repair. The two quarter of A shares is the core word". Drop the haze gradually dispersed, market pessimism is gradually restored, some investors look forward to "decent" rebound, but the stock amount cannot follow behind to break through predicament, several high several times down, investors continue to be killed. The three quarter is coming to an end, if the use of a word to summarize the characteristics of the market in the last period, the "lower three" may be more appropriate, low risk preferences, low volatility, low turnover created a weak market. First, the market risk appetite continues to decline. Regulators in accordance with the law, strict supervision, comprehensive supervision, the idea, it is difficult to barbaric growth of mergers and acquisitions, individual stocks are regulated. At the same time, the market risk appetite will continue to decline, stocks popular with occasional hot topics tend to shine, "one day tour" ended. In the A-share market, the gem is known as the risk preferences of the vane, its performance in the three quarter was extremely flat A. As of September 29th, the gem index K line to close out the two Yin, a candle, during the cumulative decline of 3.54%, far behind the market. Market risk appetite was weaker. Secondly, the volatility of the market continued to decline. The highest point between Shanghai days and the lowest point since August began to quickly narrow the gap. September 8th just 12.88 points in the day of the amplitude of a record low of 14 years, the record was then in September 20th to be broken again at the point of 11.94. In the stock market, showing a "thousand sideways" scene, field stock funds institutions and retail investors can only passively "zombie", after widespread concern by the market to limit death squads and other active funds are now almost rarely infested. This will exacerbate the volatility of the market to reduce the funds into a vicious cycle vicious circle. Finally, the downturn in trading, OTC funds do not want to come in. In the context of the asset shortage, the property market, bonds and other major assets have access to large-scale allocation of funds, especially real estate has become a large gold suction. However, in many of the assets, A shares into the capital seems to "fayan". Not only did not increase the influx of incremental funds, the existing stock of funds is also slow consumption, continuous outflow of securities margin. September, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two single day turnover was down to about $300 billion, while a year ago A shares traded.相关的主题文章: