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The forty-sixth winners, the taste buds bloom – Sohu together to eat and drink "lubricating delicate chocolate into the mouth, bitter lips slowly melting on the tongue, and we only remember it blooms in the taste of the sweet." Thank you for participating in this issue, we selected the 30 activities in line with the rules of the excellent manuscript and micro-blog WeChat lucky fans, come and look for your name! The following friends will receive a "spring net" provided by the 88 yuan worth of Heisheng 77% taste fresh handmade chocolate 65g. [title] [winners nickname bloom buds] autumn, give you a bowl of eel rice mushroom Teng Jun Zi [bloom buds] Cranberry donut eye brow Princess [bloom buds] barley soup delicious, not greasy and dampness [red] cold cream taste buds eat better than the new Shu Shuangbing Hagen Starr also delicious! Adorable delicacy taste buds bloom [city] simple ingredients make delicious bread, Onion Bread taste buds bloom [dust Huan delicacy] let the delicious tongue bloom [Tim] steamed spareribs with rice flour. [] taste buds blooming girl beauty and beauty of the spicy delicacy of the kitchen [pig’s trotters Huang Doudou blooming buds] delicious orange Chiffon sweet tongue dancing to the taste buds bloom [Jinling] Caramel Apple Cheese Bread [Pollycs] on a blooming buds drop of oil Goulash, taste great Flowers [] will taste delicacy kitchen too play, so how to export food? The leaves of the kitchen [a] taste sweet and juicy pear can easily do their wolf dance [] taste sweet as love, Guangxi Qihei Yuha the glutinous rice bags [taste] delicacy kitchen bloom soup kitchen mother cow dry sweet potato paste [] taste every bite with happy Japanese cuisine eclipse records [bloom] fresh vegetarian Western-style food taste buds Yun duo Xiangxiang cat [] a taste of Avocado Green, a summer M mu Xiaowan [bloom buds] "fire" and tasty tomato spareribs soup taste lotus cultivation of mind [Jinbuhuan] taste shrimp cake with preserved egg limit [bloom buds] family noodles universal children taste of rice paste, open Fiona [] the taste buds of sago bloom caught the tail of the summer, grilled shrimp together eat ice cream and wind # cuisine delicious taste buds # zero difficulty oven dish – Open Black Pepper Swallow [bloom buds] kitchen shrimp pineapple curry taste buds bloom [reliable chowhound] do fú lá n Linding the delicacy [taste] knot bloom blooming snow cod dumplings Elsa [·] taste taste of Hongkong; Wangjing home Dehong small cat micro-blog WeChat camera. @r-sfg; Zhao Zhengtao; eat Hesse Hu Li; honey eaters receive prizes method (please be sure to read): the above list of winners in the channel, micro-blog and WeChat were published in oh. Please click on the winners before September 7th, index.htm in the Short Message, mobile phone, send your name, mailing address, zip code, overdue as a waiver Oh, had submitted by mail and information]相关的主题文章: