The first telecommunications fraud investigation and control center was officially inaugurated the f-liuxiaobo

The first telecommunications fraud investigation and control center was officially inaugurated yesterday in the freezing of funds over 1 billion 100 million, check and control center, to reclaim the money the victim will be fraud in the registration form to sign on. Beijing News reporter Yin Yafei photo in the telecommunications network model of illegal crime intensified in the background, in January this year, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a national public security organs only a "Ministry of public security governance to combat telecommunications network crime model check and control center (hereinafter referred to as the" control center "). Yesterday morning, the center was officially inaugurated. Check and control center is mainly responsible for the national telecommunications network fraud cases involving account inquiry, payment, freeze and communication tools query, closure work, provide the check and control of capital flow, communication support for the fight against the current telecommunications network fraud cases. Check control center to prevent fraud can play much role? According to reports, as of now, the national accounts involved more than 40 have been frozen, the freezing of funds of 11 million yuan; by reducing the mass loss of 18 million yuan; shut down more than 13 months, the mobile phone number 400 number nearly 30 thousand, with more than 1 pseudo base station fake link. Check and control center opening, the Ministry of public security, the CBRC, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau held a joint telecommunications fraud cases freezing of funds return ceremony, more than 5000 yuan of funds will be returned to the victims, the police freeze. Yesterday morning, the 12 victim after the formalities, to reclaim the money cheated. In case the police recovered hundreds of thousands of millions of cheated frozen account yesterday, at the conference site, 12 suffered telecommunications fraud. Well organized procedures, check and control center from the hands of the police to reclaim part of cheated money, a total of 7 million yuan. In the registration form to sign the word, Zhao Li (a pseudonym) back to the seat, the eyes are not consciously red. Family life saved millions of deposits in answering the "Hubei police" for several days after the call, nothing lost. Zhao Li recalled, the end of the day, landline phone rang, claiming to be "Hubei police" has revealed that the man suspected of money laundering and other economic traffic accident, felony card. "Is not afraid of the shadow oblique Zhao Li did not believe in each other’s rhetoric, but after the 114 query calls number, see the website on the arrest warrant, Zhao Li also do not know why, believe. A few days, police officers also told the phone turns bombing, can not be disclosed to anyone including the family, the matter by the public security organs to help with, she can avoid jail. Zhao Li recalled, she according to the "Hubei police", the notebook computer is half closed, in accordance with the phone saying, put your finger on the retention gap payment confirmation key, she tried several times to uncover the screen to see the other so-called asset inventory operations, but were sentenced to punishment, wanted words scare so, money was a stroke of walking. I heard that there are investments in the stock market, Zhao Li, Hubei police on the other end of the phone to start a new round of brainwashing". Zhao Li memories, brainwashing, the tone of the other turned into a threat, promised the next day it will be arrested, the police have mastered all of its information. But as long as the liquidation of assets, to prove innocence, and the money will be returned after the liquidation, stock losses, the public security organs will fill up. At this time, next to remind the family, Zhao Licai realized cheated. Cheated millions of deposits, have their own savings.相关的主题文章: