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The first copy OS X use MacBook: Kim Jeong-eun Zhenguo powder – Sohu "Reuters" digital journalist James Pearson recently announced a new photo of Kim Jeong-eun, which shows that he was in a   MacBook  Pro; front laugh, this scene is rare. Among the big international companies, Apple seems to be particularly interested in Kim Jeong-eun. In addition to the previously mentioned Red Star operating system and the MacBook Pro this time, CCTV in Korea has also introduced Apple’s   iPhone. And Korean TV also showed how to make iPhone video pictures. South Korean media said that Kim Jeong-eun himself is a super powder, whenever new iPhone listed when he will be the first time to buy. Of course, how Apple products are flowing into North Korea is unknown. After this incident, I don’t know if we’ll soon see the Korean version of MacBook Pro 先模仿OS X再使用MacBook:金正恩真果粉-搜狐数码      《路透社》记者 James Pearson 日前公布了一张金正恩的新照片,其中显示他在一台 MacBook Pro 面前开怀大笑,这样的场景实属罕见。   在各大国际企业当中,苹果似乎尤其对金正恩的胃口。除了我们之前讲过的红星操作系统以及这一次的 MacBook Pro 之外,朝鲜的中央电视台还曾经介绍过苹果的 iPhone。而且,朝鲜电视台还播放了如何制作 iPhone 的视频画面。有韩国媒体称,金正恩本人就是一名超级果粉,每当新款 iPhone 上市时他都会第一时间购买。   当然,苹果产品是如何流入朝鲜我们就不得而知了。本次事件之后,不知道我们会不会很快看到朝鲜国产的翻版 MacBook Pro?相关的主题文章: