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The financial institutions subject to leveraging social capital to promising PPP persistent sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu / reporter Huang Lu, editor of Jian Ming recently, PPP theme concept continues to receive attention from investors, infrastructure, environmental protection, landscape and other related sectors yesterday won after market. The major research institutions generally believe that the second half of fiscal policy will have more space to play than the monetary policy, PPP model is expected to become an important fulcrum of the implementation of fiscal policy, the theme is not ", but will become a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" in the second half of the year compared to determine the main investment. At present, the marginal utility of monetary easing is gradually decreasing, analysts expected, in terms of structural adjustment, fiscal policy will have more space to play than the monetary policy, the Chinese government debt levels there was still room for further improvement. Societe Generale Securities strategy team believes that relying solely on government funds to stimulate the economy, may not meet the government needs to adjust the structure of government funds, leveraging social capital needs to play a "leverage". Therefore, the PPP model as an important direction of reform of national financial investment is expected to accelerate. GF Securities strategy team expects the second half tone core policy is wide finance, infrastructure investment, improving people’s livelihood fiscal policy is expected to be an important focal point, PPP model has become the fulcrum leveraging industry chain infrastructure and wide finance policy. The government can not only rely on the support of public finance to stimulate investment in infrastructure, but also the PPP model and other quasi fiscal means as an effective supplement. According to quantitative estimates, assuming that in 2016 the growth rate of investment in infrastructure to maintain at about 18% of the level, you need to PPP model and other quasi fiscal means to pull more than $1 trillion of infrastructure investment. Recently, infrastructure, environmental protection, landscape and other related topics related to the PPP sector and stocks have a certain increase, which may be expected to market with the third batch of PPP demonstration project is about to fall. Agencies are optimistic about the sustainability of the theme in the second half. From the short-term catalyst, market expectations of the third batch of PPP demonstration project is expected to fall at the beginning of September, and may in the project number, amount, model innovation, industry agglomeration, ice shows new characteristics etc.. Guotai Junan believes that the third batch of PPP demonstration project of great significance, more and better projects are expected to accelerate the floor, which contributes to the construction project "complementarity", the theme is expected to continue to ferment. In the choice of the subject, infrastructure, environmental protection, landscape has become the most promising investment institutions. Societe Generale Securities believes that from the point of view of the structure of landing project, municipal engineering occupy absolute proportion, accounting for 51.4%. Other mainly concentrated in ecological construction, environmental protection, transportation, water conservancy construction, etc.. In the future fiscal policy will still be the main force for the construction of the case, the project is expected to implement PPP projects in the construction, environmental protection and other related industries will continue to benefit. Everbright Securities strategy team pointed out that in 2017 is a sponge city pilot delivery of the time node, currently only the beginning of construction projects in Qian’an, due to the construction period of 1 to 2 years相关的主题文章: