The expert on ice and barbecue to open new stores and Sohu -. iptd-651

The expert on ice and barbecue to open new stores. – Sohu and la la la Loo loo Loo loo ~ Le ~ love ice on it to open new stores, Xinyuanli next to No. 18 Beijing Zhai is. Store decoration is very cool, the area is not small, absolutely is a good place for the party. Baking room transparent large glass, Ming kitchen stalls, clean and healthy, eat at ease. Immediately began to eat, the first drink to open an appetizer, a full range of fruit characteristics of a large basin, there are a lot of fruit, enough for seven or eight people to drink. The pickles and the Northeast lapi is absolutely classic dishes, the sauce is delicious, sweet and sour baby love. Lamb ribs, lean collocation chewy. Baked pork, no smell, fat also handled well, eat special sweet. Roast pig ears, this way of eating is very unique, before is to eat salad. It should be marinated in advance, very tasty. Chiba grilled tofu, sweet chili sauce on the outside, eat crisp crisp tender, taste good. Grilled mustard chicken wings, so no phenomenon of choking the nose, but there is a little sweet taste. It is said that there are double mustard, abnormal mustard, the next challenge. Honey ribs, this is definitely the girl’s love, meat in particular, but also very tender. Sweet and delicious! This roast large kidney, baby love, pure sheep kidney, a string of 3, eat too much fun! The new baked pig’s trotters is a good beauty food, girls eat not worry about fat. Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Deep-Fried Dough Sticks pineapple shrimp, very crisp, sweet taste good. Suantang beef dishes, as the name suggests, beef is very tender, very sour rice. Pepper hemp Basa fish, no thorns, boldly eat. The following put shredded konjak and lettuce wire as the bottom, collocation very carefully. To a dish of fried chrysalis with beer, eat together, really is a good choice! The barbecue, ice on it is definitely one of the best store opening, we must go to join oh!相关的主题文章: