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The expert "China core" after the conceits Road: unknown track race – Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen, September 20 (Chen Yuelei Yang) in the view of national science and technology major projects China, 02 special technical chief engineer, Ye Tianchun Institute of microelectronics, China integrated circuit after the developed country road with "corner overtaking", "Ma marathon" analogy is not appropriate. He said that in the race to catch up, the track is unknown, so the need for Chinese companies pay more attention to R & D and innovation. Ye Tianchun, 20, in Xiamen to attend the 2016 China IC industry development seminar and the annual meeting of the China integrated circuit manufacturing in the nineteenth when doing this analogy. He explained that when China lags behind a lot of developed countries, China’s IC industry can "run with the developed countries," or even cut straight, because the leader has opened up the road. However, at present already with China in developed countries running behind, "the road ahead, he could not see clearly, you can not see clearly, if still blindly follow," he is likely to fall into the ditch, you will fall into the ditch; or he turn, but you fall into the ditch." He said that now the technology is unknown on the path of the game, the future direction of Chinese enterprises in innovation, to look at their own way". In the past few years, integrated circuits have been listed as one of the major national science and technology projects in china. In recent years, with the release of "national integrated circuit industry promotion program", "National IC industry investment fund investment and Chinese capital enterprises, overseas mergers and acquisitions, China IC industry usher in a huge development opportunities. Ye Tianchun said that if the integrated circuit industry to Pyramid, the past Chinese even the base is not complete, although now highly and the developed countries there is a gap, but the base has been set up and formed the army, the whole industry has its own developing ability and the future development potential, "no one can withstand". The annual meeting held on the same day is one of the most professional, large-scale and influential seminars in China’s IC industry. The Xiamen torch hi tech Zone Administrative Committee and the Xiamen economic and Information Technology Commission and other contractors of the Nineteenth Annual Meeting, bringing together production, government, academia representatives. The development of China’s IC industry is optimistic about the industry. Deputy director of integrated circuit branch China semiconductor industry association and the Secretary General Xie Kang told reporters that the first half of this year, in the world semiconductor integrated circuit industry in the background of weak growth, achieved more than 16% growth China semiconductor integrated circuit industry, contrarian growth. He said that this year China’s demand for IC products market size of more than 1 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below), but the domestic production capacity can only solve the $about 300000000000. Ye Tianchun also pointed out that the future of China’s IC production capacity can not be expanded, such as three to five times, can not solve the needs of the Chinese market, there is no chip development, the development of the country will be affected. (end)相关的主题文章: