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The earth "four seasons" premiere world top film "Jacques Huang Xiaoming debut appeared paycheck donated the whole Tencent entertainment concern" the seasons on earth in September 27th will be released in the country, the natural knowledge, art aesthetic, ecological philosophy as a melting furnace, compose a majestic epic of the natural gas potential. In September 25th, the film premiere conference held in Beijing, the world’s top documentary director Jacques Perrin, CO director of · Jacques · Cruzzo attended, this piece of portrait vocals of Huang Xiaoming also came to help out. The conference site, the creative appeared to elaborate natural complex, talk about the story behind the scenes; the activities of micro-blog "looking for millions of earth to protect small Knight" has officially started. The French Minister counsellor Luo Wenzhe and copyright representative champs Lai international president Ms. Li Mingzhao house as guests attended the conference. The top team reengineering classic re definition of "man and nature" Conference on the same day, director Jacques Perrin, CO director of · Jacques · Cruzzo first came to power, "four seasons" as "share the Earth Day – to – people – sea – time" series of fifth films of the natural heritage and breakthrough. The film to create new styles change the angle of view to treat the development of human civilization from the perspective of the animal, shooting is also seeking the most close to the animal’s point of view, Berlusconi said: "we want to leave the ground at high altitude of 2 km next to the bird, follow fast swimming in the fish in the ocean, in the forest is in the trees through a shot." In addition, G Beiluzun director also at the scene shooting and generous sharing of secrets, "answered the funny animal shoot up all have some characteristics, to choose the best and most acting animal", let the audience feel the film not easily won. About the meaning of the film to convey to the audience, Berlusconi said: "if we live on this planet, together with other animal and other animal, we should share the earth, rather than according to the needs of our own, to occupy other form of animal life and territory." Jacques, who has worked with him for more than a decade, added: "these animals, like humans, have gone through the course of evolution and development, and we are with them," said ·, director of". Huang Xiaoming donated the whole paycheck Berlusconi nature reserve fund of the natural feelings of friends in addition to the two directors of the wonderful speech, followed by the debut of the film "earth focus seasons" promotion emissary of Huang Xiaoming has also become the attention of the audience. Huang Xiaoming is the Chinese version of voice, said he had hoped you can make an effort to protect the earth, the earth as the "four seasons" vocals, is also due to appreciate Berlusconi insists on creating human and nature series of works of perseverance and courage, and the truth is Berlusconi fans, "he always stick to their ideals and career, there is such a learning opportunity. I must go", and Huang Xiaoming in the dubbing process of mixed feelings, many thrilling scenes in the film impressed him, "very shocked and moved, especially to see the small fox is the rope over, really good heartache. Humans stand on the top of the food chain, but the need to protect the food chain, in fact, protect the earth, protect nature, protect animals, is to protect our own." He also revealed that the film will be.相关的主题文章: