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The doctor said | feet can cure "cold feet"? Sohu – Sohu health Wen Zhou Yichuan winter cold hands and feet as the common things, people often think of their feet with hot water. Chinese medicine also believes that the cold hands and feet is poor blood, through the hot water soaking to blood vessels, in the body after sweating blood will be unimpeded, and will not be cold. Is that so? Beijing Qinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital vascular surgery director Wu Weiwei believes that for some people, on the contrary, hot feet not only can cure cold hands and feet, but may aggravate symptoms. From the root, we rely on the blood circulation of limbs heat transports metabolic heat generated by the body, the ambient temperature is low in winter, if the limbs blood supply, especially in the far heart fingers and feet will feel very cold. In general, children’s blood supply, metabolic ability, so the hands like a small stove; while the elderly poor blood supply, some artery stenosis, cold hands and feet will see some. Some people will feel cool in summer and winter, this is because even if the ambient temperature reached the degree, or lower than body temperature, blood supply is not good people still feel a little cool. Poor blood supply, the most sensitive to the number of nerve tissue. If the blood without adequate nutrients, nerve will be through "apathetic" or even "sting" to remind the brain "I’m hungry and cold, cold hands and feet if the symptoms persist, will become more sensitive nerve. Said so much, what is the relationship with our hot feet? As the Song said, pay attention to the so-called foot sweating, that will be all sweating heat, so the water must be very hot, more than and 40 degrees, commonly known as "hot foot". Think of the feet or when you are not afraid to put his feet directly into the water? Or on the surface of it, or in the water feet and agitation, rub back and forth? This is because our skin on the "heat" has a tolerance of the upper limit, if the water is too hot, the foot will do evasive action, leaving the heat source, to avoid scalding. But for patients with diabetes, their peripheral nerve lesions, sensitivity will be reduced, dull, may not feel hot, or feel hot when it is too late has been burned. Some people also think "Good medicine is bitter.", obviously feel that can not stand, in order to "clear the blood", or to endure pain. However, they found their feet burned feet red, some pain in the ground, burns. If the diagnosis is the lower extremity arterial occlusive disease patients, also do not use hot water feet. Director Wu told reporters health Sohu, arterial occlusion is divided into four stages, the first stage is only "cool feeling, lower limb pain," which is relatively early symptoms; the second stage is the intermittent claudication, due to insufficient blood supply, walk a few hundred meters leg pain, take a walk to continue; the third stage is resting the pain, when the rest of the legs and feet are sore; the fourth stage is the infection, ulcer, prolonged does not heal, even in danger of necrosis, amputation. If the elderly have these symptoms, don’t want to treat by feet, if burned, likely from the first and second stage leaps into the fourth stage, to.相关的主题文章: