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The "deep" reputation is not afraid of strong disaster hit large attack Sina entertainment news 2016 Hollywood blockbuster finale "deep" high disaster catastrophe directed by the famous director Peter, Berg, Mark Wahlberg, Dylan, Obrien, Gina, Rodriguez, Kurt, Russell, John Markovic and Kate Hodson co starred in. The film in November 15th after the national release, without fear of Hollywood blockbusters before and after the attack, continue to maintain the annual North American horse posture indomitable, gain high praise. The real effects to create a "dead Jedi" solid content brings excellent reputation during the second half of 2016 Chinese movie blockbusters have different market amidst the winds of change, the domestic competition has become increasingly fierce. The movie "deep" havoc once added to the hot market, it gains a high reputation, released the same day attendance at the first, the ticket amount is to sit tight in the first chair. As of 2016 the anti natural disaster high masterwork, this year’s "disaster area" as the banner of the public trust by looking out again and again in the film, once again exploded, "burning flame" vision like so many viewers "nervously bumps", which is not the female audience’s tears are devoted to the realistic effects, movies and even shouted: "I think the seat shaking, I was shaking." There are many viewers said, expected will have wonderful effects: "from the beginning to see the coke sprayed out of the moment in the outbreak, but was shocked, also an audience said:" the outbreak is expected, but never thought of such a tragic." And all of this gorgeous effects, are trying to make the audience can maximize the realization of the life of the crisis and panic hanging line. The audience cannot tears collapse afterwards still can not calm down before viewing activities, many viewers have said the film "zhichuo tears", and even some girls in the film the last half hour has been moved to tears. The film from the disaster to the whole process and eventually escape, so many viewers see the hairs stand up, and tenacious struggle and sacrifice spirit touched countless viewers. Some people in tears after watching film said: "life is too fragile, and the film eventually killed for real events in heroes, need time to calm the mood." The 2016 Hollywood blockbuster finale "deep" high disaster catastrophe by the famous Hollywood director Peter directed by Berg, Mark Wahlberg, Dylan Obrien, Gina Rodriguez, Kurt Raser, John Malkovich and Kate Hodson co starred in. This is called "the year in the North American horse of the film is currently nationwide and won a high reputation.相关的主题文章: