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"Red Pan Jinlian" compass space-time network entertainment Sohu – shock struck in August 30th, by the Chinese song film, CO produced odd tree fish, fish odd tree exclusive distribution across the comedy network movie "Pan Jinlian" red net space compass officially in the Iqiyi VIP exclusive on-line membership. The film director and screenwriter Diao Lulu, actor Wang Biqing, Han Fei, power release tiger et al to join, to jointly open the journey. Love comes with live + Red + cross piece through the network films in recent years, more and more diversified, and the "space-time network" will compass red Pan Jinlian story in the Song Dynasty, everyone is quite familiar with the background for the "Water Margin" has been talked about the topic of Pan Jinlian, what the differences? This is for you one by one. The film tells the story of the modern network Pan Pan Pan in the group to do the play, inadvertently touched the compass, came to the song dynasty. Time and space station officers mistakenly think that pan pan is time bandit, being chased in the process, There is no story without coincidences.’s death has not been married to Wu Dalang Pan Jinlian, in order to ensure the normal development of history, Pan had played the Pan Jinlian. Pan Jinlian is a famous beauty spot in the impression, but in the film, as modern people pan with red net automatic attribute, and the ancient beauty appearance, as Pan Pan Wang Biqing of the interpretation of historical figures is very wonderful. In the film, not only through beauty, is full of comedy, either the original pan in the field of narcissistic imagination, or in the Song Dynasty when Pan Jinlian live was a bloody nose scene, absolutely full of laughter fruit. With ancient and modern label Pan Jinlian how can not make people love it! Want to know what love is it between her and the karma is karma? Be sure to lock the Iqiyi. Surprise and careful network film had to mention the film is not only attractive in the plot, the details are carefully considered. Time compass is an important items in the film, the film props elaborate design and late effects, will show you a different visual experience through; while the modern mobile phone was also used in ancient times, is not it amazing? I believe you will be able to see the details of the film after the point of praise. In the film as martial arts is the familiar Shi Xiaolong studio, not only let the actors work attitude strict in demands high quality to complete the action, is actively driven by staff, the actor who plays Wu Song Shi Xiaohu’s dedication also let people sigh, in order to offer excellent performance even if the injury should be completed. High quality acting together with the details of the production, must be 1+1 greater than 2 effect. As the network movie China largest broadcast distribution platform, Iqiyi in 2014, officially will comply with the relevant national policies and regulations, more than 60 minutes long, professional production standards, pure net release of the film has a complete structure and capacity, defined as the network movie, is the first in the field of power. Cooperation and further upgrade the standard in 2016, to promote the development of large industries to the boutique, youth sunshine, positive energy, let the network movie more popular. "The compass of time and space, red Pan Jinlian" by the odd tree fish exclusive相关的主题文章: