The company wants to do parking spaces to solve parking spaces Uber difficult-denka

The company wants to do parking Uber parking spaces to solve difficult parking in large cities increasingly difficult, every time out of the door, parking will have to spend half an hour, not parking is not too expensive parking spaces. But now, try sharing carpool we have the opportunity to try to share the garage. MyLü CKE (pronounced My Loo-kah English) for struggling to find parking owners launched in the city, is in German space. In fact, it is almost the same as Uber, but the driver into a parking space, passengers replaced the owner. Open the application, the interface will show around the available parking spaces, the owners can choose according to need, and can be paid by app. MyLü and CKE not only provides hours of rental units; parking spaces, there are daily, weekly rent, monthly rent form. There are also a variety of parking spaces, in addition to the main private parking spaces, as well as some public places, commercial parking spaces, as well as places where people will not think of, such as the church. The special thing is to provide valet parking services. At the same time, some picky customers do not need to worry about, APP filter function can be filtered for them, whether it is cement or asphalt pavement, garage or parking can be selected. Parking spaces are priced by the owner, MyLü CKE will charge 20% of the fee from each order. However, the owners of private parking spaces, is worried about the safety of their own parking spaces, if the child who is responsible? Although the MyLü has just started; CKE has not been standardized in this area, but they are working to resolve, will soon join the liability clause and one-time insurance. At present, MyLü CKE only iOS version, and only in California, Losangeles, but the company has plans to expand the next step. The company’s CEO Emily Webb to create products for carpool a sector Airbnb, but this is really not easy, because in the "carpool a circle" has been SpotHero, ParkNav, Parkmobile several strong rivals, including Parkmobile’s cooperation with Audi, Ford, in the vehicle control panel join this program. This is for the owners of consumers have a good news, parking applications more mature, looking for a place to park the day on the road twists and turns to more and more far away from us.相关的主题文章: