The brave adventure the end of the tour today the beta animation class seiyuu vocals

"The brave adventure" the end of the tour today the beta animation class seiyuu vocals CGWR score | brave adventure novice card booking area of concern of domestic animation game player should have a deep impression of "brave adventure" the Nanpai Sanshu involved in the production of animation. Today, "the brave adventure" computer online open beta. The name of the game and animation is the end of the tour a Global Adventure theme, not only brings a three-dimensional adventure gameplay experience, but also rich in plot animation "brave adventure" computer games end beta version, the same animation content many implantation. "The brave adventure" the end of the tour today open beta animation popular characters into "brave adventure adventure turned occupation" computer end games in August 25th beta, beta version, there will be an animation to protagonist rock Yu Lei prototype force, as well as for the new prototype occupation Tu. "The brave adventure" into animation role andesite in animation in the first quarter, Ann rock always drag, but can launch a key attack at a critical time in the animation in the second season, "handsome but three sets" an enhanced ability of rock seemingly, but "two disease" has always been latent in body. "The brave adventure" into the animation role Tu as another popular characters of same animation, Tu extraordinary skill, combat burst table, high power, high cold outside but actually was a very responsible and compassionate, is a very reliable and can make people feel safe companions. Beta version, game player can take the form of an angel or overbearing president rock Tu adventure, alongside idol. "The brave adventure" in the animation animation class two dolls CV joined to create "the brave adventure story of adventure" computer end games beta version, there are more than 300 minutes of the story and animation, these same animation animation is the original class CV to build, bring visual enjoyment and the concept of animation is not much difference, the adventure of ups and downs, always bring surprises and exciting game player, but the end of the tour the story and animation story is two different story, not only we can "confirm", more important is to bring a different adventure story, to play the family is not the same story of adventure experience. "The brave adventure" animation class CV join the game into more animation content more exciting experience in "brave adventure" computer games beta version, in addition to the protagonist, the animation class CV to build the implantation of a story, a lot of content in the same animation will be implanted in different forms, as in the end of tour people, such as Rafa and Wang Pangzi, as well as the content of play, such as Mi Yu play, air corridor fighting, is used in the animation as the end of the tour in the wool the props, ghost also from Manchester children down the same animation. The end of the tour and the animation content interaction, can give "brave adventure" fans bring more exciting gaming experience. "The brave adventure" will be implanted more animation content Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: