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Site-Promotion Links can make or break a web site. In other words the lack of them can greatly hamper the progress and success of any site. Links to a web site play two major roles. Firstly they direct immediate traffic from the site where they are located to the target web site. Secondly, they improve a web sites’ ranking. If you get to the top ranks of a popular keywords search phrase, it could mean huge free traffic for a long time to .e. Marketing .panies such as Majon.. (one of the oldest Internet Marketing .panies on the planet) have plenty of services that provide you with one-way links. You just need to take a closer look at any high traffic successful web site and you will immediately notice that they tend to have a very high number of links pointing towards them. It is not too difficult to get this kind of information on any web site and there are a host of options available. You can for instance use the Google search engine by entering the .plete address of the site and then after you get the results, clicking on the link that says, "web sites linking to this site." Other tools for measuring the number of links to a site include the Technorati.. site and a host of other sites and available software. Some webmasters usually work very hard at swapping links with other sites (reciprocal links). Unfortunately this is considered to be a very inferior kind of link by search engines. While reciprocal links may be useful at driving traffic towards a web site, they will tend to have a very minimal impact on a web sites’ ranking with search engines. It is clear that search engines are increasingly giving much lower significance and weight to reciprocal links. Actually what any web site really needs are lots of one-way links that point at it. One of the easiest and quickest way of getting such links is to purchase them through a reputable web site or business that will purchase links at various relevant sites. The advantage is that links are purchased once and are usually more or less permanent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: