The Belt and Road along the country to share the experience to explore cooperation in cross-border e

"The Belt and Road along the country to share the experience to explore cooperation in cross-border electricity providers Beijing – China News Agency, Lanzhou, September 12 (reporter Ding Si)" if people are willing to buy online cross-border products, only when they have full trust in the brand quality. The construction of cross-border electricity supplier brand, innovation between city road "and" area along and interrelated drive. Therefore, the creation of the Silk Road City Alliance, but also to coordinate the various resources of the international community, and to achieve the success of cross-border electricity supplier goals." 12, City Union director, the Prime Minister of Italy before the office of the Silk Road chief strategist Rao SEPE share cooperation experience in Lanzhou. 2016 "The Belt and Road" Chinese (Lanzhou) International Conference held in Lanzhou on the day of cross-border electricity supplier logistics. Representatives from Italy, Belarus, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, South Korea, Taiwan and other 12 countries and regions, and Chinese city business representatives, experts and scholars gathered in a discussion around the central trains, free trade and cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive pilot, online "The Belt and Road construction etc.. Rao SEPE is the fifth time in Lanzhou. He said that before 2000, the Italian people through the Silk Road and China closely linked. Today, talking about "The Belt and Road construction, always referred to" link ", which means not only the relation between the country, also means between people and people, cultural and economic ties in Lanzhou on the silk road is playing an important role in the link. The Ministry of Commerce of West Africa China Secretary Commercial Counsellor Shen Xiang introduction, in recent years Chinese cross-border electricity supplier in the rapid development of the logistics industry, has become a popular way of consumption, the Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the cross-border electricity supplier has become the new growth of foreign trade. Shen Xiang said, "Belt and Road Initiative" aroused the sympathy of the countries along. At present, China is committed to building and along the country’s international production and equipment cooperation platform, has set up more than and 50 overseas economic cooperation zones along the country; and to promote the facilitation of trade and investment between the countries along, to enhance the level of infrastructure along the country, which laid the foundation for the development of the logistics industry of cross-border electricity supplier. For the future development of cross-border electricity supplier, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, deputy director of economic and trade Geng Shuhai believes that cross-border electricity supplier as a new format, is gradually becoming a new trend and direction of international trade. Vigorously develop cross-border electricity supplier, is conducive to promoting China’s inland areas into the international market, forced industrial upgrading and new economic development. On the same day, Lanzhou city and Xi’an, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xining and other 13 city signed the "freight distribution strategic cooperation framework agreement" signed between the central trains, the city will focus on strengthening the China Europe international freight trains freight distribution and logistics infrastructure construction, the development of the China Europe International Freight trains market etc. cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章: