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The Asian "four tigers" rise again to an economic miracle in the next? Sohu finance may have you ever heard of was the world East Asian Tigers (Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea), in 70s to 90s economic growth, has become Asia affluent areas. But you may not know, the rapid economic development in Asia such as four countries in 90s as East Asian Tigers, known as the "four Asian Tigers", they are referring to Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia in four countries. Unfortunately, the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Thailand became the birthplace of the storm, and between the four Asian Tigers night suddenly plunged into financial crisis, economy suffered a recession. In addition, the global financial crisis in 2008, they were once again hit. Nearly 10 years later, how now experienced two times of crisis in the Asian "four tigers" economic situation? Indonesia Republic of Indonesia, or Indonesia or Indonesia, is Southeast Asia’s largest economy and member states of the group of 20. In recent years, Indonesia’s economic performance is very brisk. Indonesia GDP growth rate (annual percentage), according to data from the World Bank (screenshot) to read financial access, the 2014 World Bank report pointed out that the calculated according to the standard of purchasing power parity, Indonesia beyond South Korea, Singapore, one of the world’s tenth largest economy, 2.3% of global economic output contribution. In addition, market research firm IHS said last year, following China, Japan, India, Australia and South Korea, Indonesia is expected to become Asia’s next GDP trillion dollar economy in two years. Thailand Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, second only to indonesia. In 1990s the rapid economic development, has become one of the four Asian Tigers ", the 1997 Asian financial crisis hit, the economy began to recover in 1999. Thailand GDP growth rate (annual percentage), according to data from the World Bank (screenshot) 2015 annual economic growth in Thailand in 2.8%, although in recent years the domestic and external demand continued to slump, economic growth still faces many uncertainties, but Thailand’s central bank forecast 2016 gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 3.1%. In addition, according to the Bloomberg survey, in, the index of pain in the 74 economies, the Thailand index is the most painful country. It is reported that as of the end of June this year, Thailand, the national unemployment rate is only about 1%, the July consumer price index increased 0.1% over last year. Malaysia, Malaysia has become the world’s major emerging market economies. Malaysia GDP growth rate (annual percentage), according to data from the World Bank (screenshot) in 1990s, rapid economic growth, has become one of the "four Asian tigers". Also in 1998 by the severe impact of the Asian financial crisis, after a series of policies and measures, so that the basic recovery of the economy and maintain rapid growth. In 2008 by the global financial crisis相关的主题文章: