Thai T600 Sports Edition 2.0T home edition to the store txplatform

Zotye T600 sport 2.0T home to shop Zotye T600 since listing, with the high cost of the route of the main SUV market segments, from 1.5T to 2.0T, continued selling hot push, Zotye T600 market continued to eye-catching performance. As the Zotye T600 new modified models, Zotye T600 sport 2.0T home edition, with a new design concept, highlight fashion movement and taking into account the household demand, but also has rich configuration of the leading, favored by consumers. Located in the middle of the SUV T600 sports version of the Thai version of the 2.0T home space commendable performance, 2807mm long wheelbase, to protect the front and rear legs and ample space for the top. In addition, the length and width of the new car was 4648*1893*1686mm, providing adequate protection for the vehicle space, still occupy the leading position in the same price models. From the outside, the new car styling into the domestic and foreign advanced design concept, the vehicle through the fine details of the outline, stylish atmosphere, body movement style very full and rich sense of flow lines, with a strong visual impact.     the front part, with a classic double banner chrome grille design, and the use of new LOGO logo. It is worth mentioning that, in front of the front grille of the new part of the grid, but also into the advantages of the Chinese characteristics of black texture design, delicate and rich texture. With the design of the sharp headlights combination, highlighting the perfect integration of technology, sports, fashion.   interior layout, Zotye T600 sport 2.0T home with a new European style, a large number of applications in the interior of the main tone of dark, calm with hale and science and technology, with simple and elegant details. In addition, the application of white suture technique in the control of cortical coating design, and high-end leather seats all standard also form a good echo, the whole system comes standard with centralized three multi-function steering wheel, to further create a steady and dynamic driving style. In addition, the application of large screen color and full color LCD screen instrument control technology configuration 10 inches in, for the Thai T600 sports version to create fashion technology, steady motion blending driving atmosphere, showing a noble quality and new driving experience.   configuration, the whole system comes standard with ABS+EBD, ESC electronic stability, TCS traction control, EPB electronic parking brake and auxiliary (EBA BAS BA), HAC upslope auxiliary, a starting engine, dual front airbags, front and rear central armrest, rearview mirror electric heating defrosting, centralized three leather multifunction steering wheel, shark fin antenna and other practical technology configuration, in order to bring traffic security more secure and comfortable control experience. In addition, such as 360° panoramic image, blind spot detection, electric tailgate open, and intelligent voice control system, PM2.5 technology and other cutting-edge green static configuration, in the continuation of the Thai T600 cost-effective route will also further meet consumer demand.     as the Thai T2相关的主题文章: