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Terry Gou’s broken heart   how to go — home — people.com.cn original title SHARP incorporated into Foxconn Terry Gou: Fuck broken heart SHARP incorporated into Foxconn to go "process is difficult, the ending is perfect." Foxconn founder Terry Gou so described the acquisition of SHARP. Foxconn’s acquisition of SHARP case has been dragged down from a year ago in April of this year, even in the middle of the time came to give up Foxconn, the entire acquisition process is not easy. SHARP incorporated into Foxconn change is not big, also reported that iPhone 8 will use SHARP OLED screen on the news before, insiders are talking about, Terry Gou bet to. For Terry Gou personally, he will be considered as the integration of the acquisition of SHARP 42 years after the start of entrepreneurship in the third. This time, he will take SHARP to where? The acquisition of Terry Gou SHARP of striking one snag after another quest perseverance. According to informed sources, as early as March 2012, Hon Hai and SHARP have reached an 550 yen per share, a total of about 66 billion 900 million yen contribution agreement. But in April of that year, SHARP suddenly announced Jukui, the rapid price decline, Hon Hai asked down the purchase price per share, and participate in the management of Sharp Co, SHARP refused, negotiations failed to rupture. In cooperation with Hon Hai after the negotiations failed, SHARP introduced in 2013 Samsung, Qualcomm’s $110 million and $120 million investment, Terry Gou had also said foreign SHARP lied to him ". Because Samsung is to 190 yen per share capital of SHARP, Hon Hai is far lower than the 550 yen. In April 2015, SHARP will once again put forward the contribution of Foxconn, but failed to reach. The first obstacle was the Japanese government, worried about technology and patents. At that time, Foxconn’s offer for SHARP is 660 billion yen, while the Japanese government and the joint venture fund INCJ of the Japanese companies to provide SHARP with an aid of 300 billion yen. In the face of Foxconn twice the price, SHARP is more inclined to Foxconn. After SHARP announced in February 26th this year to accept the tender offer submitted by Foxconn. The SHARP board of directors in the ratio of 13 to 0 of the vote with Hon Hai talks. However, there is news that Foxconn was found at this time, there are still up to SHARP hundreds of billions of dollars of uncertain debt. So dramatic plot appeared, Foxconn said that in the absence of some of SHARP’s new material information, the company will not sign the agreement. In April this year, Foxconn to 389 billion yen ($3 billion 500 million) acquisition of SHARP’s shares of 66%, lower than the original bid by $more than 100 billion. In addition, Foxconn also said it will subscribe for 11 million 364 thousand shares of Sharp Co capital increase of special shares. August 12th, Hon Hai announced that Chinese antitrust regulators have approved the company’s acquisition of SHARP’s deal. In August 13th, SHARP announced the official website, has accepted the company’s Hon Hai Precision Industry 388 billion 800 million yen (about 25 billion 300 million yuan) funds, officially became a subsidiary of Hon Hai, "Hong Xia love fruition. Incorporation of 6 months相关的主题文章: