Tencent plans to the domestic and foreign film film production investment of 2 billion yuan-noreply

Tencent plans to the domestic and foreign film film production 2 billion yuan investment Tencent pictures Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 9th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources said that the film Tencent holding subsidiary Tencent pictures plans ended in 2017 within two years Chinese and Hollywood movies at least investment of RMB 2 billion yuan ($295 million), to expand the company in the world the entertainment content production industry’s influence. Tencent has pictures of domestic film "World of Warcraft" and "King Kong future release:" Skeleton Island for investment. Informed sources said that this year will be a series of pictures of Tencent of domestic and foreign film project investment 1 billion yuan, the amount of investment will be more next year. This investment project financing not only covers the film, including the Tencent for intellectual property rights and access to film content of the budget. As WeChat and QQ, China’s largest social media company, Tencent is to become a global entertainment empire to lay the foundation. The Tencent was founded just last year to take pictures, franchising is similar to that of Disney and Marvel, ready to start a series of valuable popular independent content based on the movie. In September this year, Tencent announced that it will be based on the Tibetan password and other content to produce 21 film projects. Tencent also acquired the tribal conflict developer Supercell Oy, to consolidate its position in the field of hand travel. Tencent spokesman declined to comment on the film investment plan. Tencent has partnered with legendary pictures collaborated in the movie "World of Warcraft", and announced with "Batman Begins", "Batman: The Dark Knight" screenwriter David goyer (David S. · Goyer) cooperation. Legendary pictures and Warner Brothers co production of "King Kong": skull island. Tencent and Alibaba are vying for a share of the Chinese film market, which will soon become the world’s largest film market. Ali acquired the famous director Steven · last month; (Steven Spielberg), a part of the film company Amblin Partners shares. This is Ali in the past two years to help American Film Co to develop the latest Chinese film market transactions. With the growth of the U.S. film market stalled, China has become the focus of the market in recent years, American Film Co. China’s box office revenue will grow 22% to $10 billion 400 million next year, according to market research firm IHS Markit and PWC. China has quickly become a source of financing for foreign film companies. American Film Co has been seeking to obtain financial support from Chinese partners, to maximize revenue in the Chinese market. At present, China has restricted the number of foreign films that are broadcast every year in china. At the same time, China’s local media companies want to use foreign film companies to fight for global users, so willing to invest. In addition to Tencent and Alibaba, billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Dalian Wanda Group has also been expanding influence in the global entertainment industry. This month, Wanda agreed to spend $1 billion acquisition of the Golden Globes production company Dick Clark Productions, Wang Jianlin’s expanding media.相关的主题文章: