Tammy Chen Thailand married husband insurance has been stripped of hardship for the insurance.-thinkpad s230u

Tammy Chen Thailand married husband insurance has been stripped of bitter for the underwear is very affectionate couple Dylan Kuo (from left), Xue Boren, Tammy Chen, Peggy, Peter Ho, Yung Hung, Tony Yang, Andy Chen attended the welcome dinner last night Tammy Chen (right) yesterday close help Xue Boren hair, but he was afraid to shoot the double chin bbc100_p_01_07 Sina entertainment news September 26th news. According to Taiwan media reports, Tammy Chen [micro-blog] today (26 days) CEO Xue Boren held a wedding in Chiang Mai and San Ti Ya medical beauty clinic before the Chinese new year, the couple had been registered in New York, Taiwan, but Chiang Mai also admitted that after the wedding, two people will be registered. Xue Boren had 3 times before the proposal was successful, loss of interest by the loss of Tammy Chen, he said humorously, registration will not be very troublesome, we can register several times." On the evening of 25 flat shoes in her belly welcome dinner, there is good news? "I wore high heels at the wedding, so I could get rid of the doubt." Early in the year two people registered in New York early in New York and registered, when she did not wear white gauze, there is no prenuptial agreement, he said, we are not Americans, if you do not need to sign the marriage." The lunar new year she has in his hometown of Changhua to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Both husband and wife forgot to register the time yesterday, he said, the fish has 7 seconds memory, her Pisces only 14 seconds. Xue Boren said the Chiang Mai Wedding 3 months "experience is not necessary, do not try to overseas wedding, a wife can suggest how to prepare for the wedding book. Tammy Chen in Thailand last month to prepare for the wedding, because the luggage entrained paintball left cartridge, luggage by the customs to detain the inventory, yesterday also occurred before the wedding episode, ready to send the guests the mask by the Thailand customs detained, accused of mask containing the drug reaction, she said with a wry smile, really is not used to sell goods. "Should I owe you a lifetime (customs) no money, too busy to forget so many things need tolls." Finally, the value of 400 thousand yuan mask was confiscated, and make up the tax of NT $more than 30 thousand to pass. Peter Ho [micro-blog] wife ruthless role wedding of Xue Dhurakijpundit boast wife games help, he married, the clinic performance growth of twenty percent, a monthly income of NT $7 million (about 1 million 480 thousand yuan), the couple owned 3 houses, a market capitalization of about NT $100 million, after payment of mansion tax have to pay NT $2 million, so he scared her, "I told her marriage to work hard filming." In fact, he hopes that Tammy Chen married her love as long as the pick scene is good, filming will also "strict control scale", and he has 2 clinics in Taiwan, also in 3 clinics, a total investment of about more than 400 million dollars, ten billion net worth of the rumor? "I wish I had." On the evening of 24 friends for Tammy Chen secret single party, the new English initials A& from T, with petals; this is her last marriage can touch the other male opportunity for the flesh, the doctor clinic Menzerna Xue sacrifice color strip show muscle bride please. The end of the party, he was friendly to people stripped, want to give the surprise, let him cry, "ruthless role is Peter Ho wife." Tammy Chen please go, just let him off only)相关的主题文章: