Taiyuan building waste change building materials processing 250 tons per hour, regeneration rate is aspack

Building materials per hour processing 250 tons of regeneration rate of over 95% of construction waste was crushed into Taiyuan construction waste building materials. Reporter Wang Yu photo Shanxi daily news (reporter Wang Yu) separation, crushing, grinding, carbonization, mixed aggregate…… After a series of processing equipment, useless construction waste in the eyes of ordinary people instantly turned into a variety of building materials, can be used instead of natural sand, natural soil, mechanism of stone and other materials, renewable rate of more than 95%. The morning of September 23rd, the provincial capital, south of the village ten Street area city to the scene, the reporter witnessed the process of the construction waste waste pile up like a mountain hand. It is understood that the Taiyuan city construction waste production is increasing year by year, the annual output is from 11 million tons to 23 million tons. The building rubbish, most to Dongshan and Xishan 16 landfill. In September 23rd, by Shanxi Keli Voight environmental Polytron Technologies Inc, CCCC First Highway Engineering Bureau organized construction waste comprehensive utilization of resources to promote the site will be held in the village of South Street, ten square demolition site. It is reported that in May this year, Shanxi Keli Voight environmental Polytron Technologies Inc invested nearly 10 million yuan in the province for the first time the introduction of construction waste recycling mobile processing system, and the establishment of the South ten Street mobile station, built with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of construction waste treatment line of mobile. According to the company’s general manager Yang Dingchu, processing 250 tons of construction waste can be present at the station every hour, can be produced by Di village demolition of the construction waste to produce fine aggregates of various particle sizes, "through the four stage separation equipment. The steel construction waste in the separated, then the aniseed decomposition to the above through the density, make material can replace the so-called "stones", small material and sand down to below, making "sand" for engineering backfill and brick, the wood and decoration materials such as waste separation." The scene, using recycled fine aggregate 0-10mm garbage processed building with ordinary sand and no significant difference, while the coarse aggregate except color, and is very similar to the natural mechanism of stone. According to the aggregate test report provide province traffic construction engineering quality inspection center of the display: coarse aggregate can fully meet the requirements of road layer and base, can be used as the raw material of concrete mixing station. At present, the cross taken Lok Street road construction project construction of the first Highway Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd. has the grassroots level in the water stable bottom trench backfill operations such as interview with the construction waste recycled aggregate, realized the comprehensive utilization of construction waste waste in highway construction.

太原建筑垃圾变建材 每小时处理250吨再生率超95%   建筑垃圾被粉碎制成建材。 记者王宇摄   山西日报讯(记者王宇)破碎、分离、混合骨料、粉磨、炭化……经过一系列的设备处理,常人眼中无用的建筑垃圾瞬间变身为多种建筑材料,可用于代替天然砂、天然土、机制石等材料,可再生率超过95%。9月23日上午,省城狄村南十方街片区城改现场,记者见证了堆积如山的建筑垃圾变废为宝的过程。   据了解,太原市建筑垃圾的产量逐年递增,年产量已由过去的1100万吨增至2300万吨。这些建筑垃圾,绝大多数运往东山、西山的16个填埋场处理。9月23日,由山西柯立沃特环保科技股份有限公司、中交集团第一公路工程局主办的建筑垃圾资源化综合利用现场推进会在省城南十方街狄村拆迁现场举行。据悉,今年5月,山西柯立沃特环保科技股份有限公司投资近千万元在全省首次引进建筑垃圾资源化移动处理系统,并建立了南十方街移动处理站,建成年产50万吨建筑垃圾移动处理线。据该公司总经理杨定础介绍,目前该站每小时可处理建筑垃圾250吨,可利用狄村拆迁产生的建筑垃圾生产出各种粒径的粗细骨料,“通过设备,进行四级分离。先把建筑垃圾里的钢材分离出来,接着通过密度把大料分解到上面,做出的料可以代替俗称的‘石子’,小料和细沙分解到下面,制作成‘沙子’用于工程回填土和制砖,最后把木头和装潢材料等废物分离出来。”   现场,用建筑垃圾加工出的0-10mm的再生细骨料与普通河沙并无明显区别,而一旁的粗骨料除颜色外,与天然机制石十分相似。据省交通建设工程质量检测中心提供的骨料检测报告显示:粗骨料完全能达到道路垫层和基层的要求,可作为混凝土搅拌站的原材。   目前,由中交第一公路工程局有限公司承建的摄乐街道路建设工程已经在水稳底基层、沟槽回填等作业面试用了建筑垃圾再生骨料,初步实现了建筑垃圾变废为宝在公路建设中的综合利用。相关的主题文章: