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Taiwan said many 20 fighters flying false hanging rope: joke too – Colonel professional Sohu Military Channel legal department questioned the f -20 fraud real soldier: what a joke? One side of the huge threat to the mainland propaganda, one side of the continent’s military research and development capabilities unprovoked. Taiwan’s defense department even think, does not have the ability to research and develop a new generation of fighter f -20. Just for the appearance of the China, a new generation of stealth fighter f -20, Taiwan questioned that China, there is no way to develop such a stealth machine. Taiwan’s Defense Department officials put in question: the first is the suspected 20 fighters on the tail of the Liberation Army emblem does not comply with the Convention; second is the current level of technology of PLA, should still do not know enough to push the turbofan engine technology of the fourth generation of large aircraft. Taiwan netizens have even pointed out, did not see a rope hanging above? Too fake, that annihilates -20 is flying a kite. While the United States experts published an article that stealth fighters -20 almost from the beginning lost to F-22 and F-35, pilots in the air once encountered with F-22 or F-35, could not find traces of MAQI will be shot down quickly, Taiwan media reprint this article. House soldiers said, what joke, this joke is not professional. Of course, this also reflects a mindset of their first you what, I think you made out; second you really out of this thing, I think you are false; if not false, you this thing, you must have a good blow. This is a logical state of mind." Recently, netizens concluded according to the forum in the screenshot, a piece of Taiwan chat with some of the so-called fans netizens: "no matter what you have, I have a male -3." You have the shield ship, I have a male -3; Liaoning ship aircraft you have, I have a male -3; you have f -10, I have a male -3; you have strategic bombers, I have a male -3; you have f -20, I have a male -3. Male -3, yes, this year, the male -3 mistakenly shot, the standard anti-ship missiles, blew themselves into the aircraft carrier killer". Is not an aircraft carrier killer and we do not say, but what is the male three, it is anti-ship missiles, you come to fight aircraft, bombers, early warning aircraft? Taiwan always said how could Chinese, with the aircraft, you’ve told people the two generation, only the Americans and some things in the world, how can you get out, absolutely impossible. When the plane is sure to put it in front of them, the United States is very multimedia immediately said, you can not do that thing, the sour grapes in the psychological understanding. It would say, first, you are not copying me; second your performance is certainly not as good as mine. At present, the world can engage in three generation fighter countries, I am afraid that there are nearly 10 such a number, can engage in the formation of the state of the three generation and only half of the aircraft is not more than 5, really engage in the country of the four generation fighter only. China and the United States in the development of ideas is not exactly the same. The United States F-22 "Raptor" is mainly to air combat, and we should not only consider the air combat fighter -20 problem, but also consider the problem to kick the door. So F-22 is based on air combat,?相关的主题文章: