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SWAT sophisticated weapons big secret – the rule of Law — people.com.cn original title: SWAT sophisticated weapons big secret with the movie "the Mekong River action" walked into the police corps criminal action movie "action" in the Mekong River in theatres, including Swat soldiers in secret assault arrest criminals of high risk action in a good plot. In the movie, police helicopters, unmanned four rotor aircraft, armed assault vehicles, water cannon and 7.62 mm high precision sniper rifles, 85 micro submachine guns and other sophisticated police equipment at the scene. Fascinated at the audience, but also for those usually is not so easy to see the weapon shocked. Recently, the Beijing morning news reporter walked into the police corps and police police detachment, secret weapon secret film in the Mekong river. Water cannon bomb enemy restraint shortly after the start of the film, special police commandos "hostage rescue operation" exercises will make the audience big bright eyes, special water cannon using remote water cannons to drive the "mob". In the special police corps, the reporter saw the guy "mami". According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police corps police security department responsible person, the water cannon 13.9 meters long, 3.8 meters high. The car’s chassis is imported, the whole car a total of three muzzle, a front roof, two, the effective range of 80 meters. The reporter learned that, at present, the special police corps is using a modified version of the most advanced water cannon, introduced in 2014, added a full body plates and the whole car self spray system function. "When dealing with emergencies, in many cases, the mob will use homemade bomb hit the car, the body will fire, this new type of water cannon can be automatically opened from the sprinkler system, the body of the fire extinguished". The reporter saw, on both sides of the water cannon to each of the 10 automatic spraying tube, open sprinkler system, automatic water pipe. It is understood that the storage capacity of the vehicle reached 20 tons, a large car wrecker shovel, can remove obstacles and cable trailer front in the attack at the same time. The roof can also be placed on both sides of the front camera forensics, the horn can be used for broadcast, in combat early deterrence and propaganda education on the mob. "Don’t look at the car is so big, so many features, need only four operations, the driver and the copilot wrecker, video, water cannon operation is very convenient." Relevant responsible person said, in treatment, water paoche disperse in water is mainly responsible for the function of artillery fired water cannons at the same time, the army will have time to move forward. Armored vehicles into the belly of the bullet criminals as the film further, more special police car which is eye-opening, strange shape caused widespread concern. In the film, the crucial part of the mob, is the completion of the armored car. The use of discarded automobiles in the mob, the armored car broke the "stumbling block", the players to create space. Responsible person, don’t look at this car but it is ugly in appearance in action, is a "all terrain" players in the field of environment is very prominent. "Our common special police car, a lot of terrain not to go, at this time you need to attack armored vehicles, 30 degrees to 35 degrees can be very hillside相关的主题文章: