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Suspected glory 6X passport exposure and dual lens design Tencent digital news (blue) HUAWEI recently frequent moves, not only launched Nova series of new machines, but also a glory brand models have appeared in the Ministry of industry, mobile phone model BLN-AL10, with dual sim card and CNC function, and uses a dual camera design post fingerprint recognition and vertical arrangement, allegedly there may be the glory of 6X, equipped with 5.5 inches touch screen and 8 million pixel front camera, is expected to officially debut in October this year. Glory of the new machine at the glory of the new machine model from appeared on the Ministry website for BLN-AL10, support dual SIM and CNC function, but released from the passport, although the mobile phone is no positive what special place is the most common "white" shape, but on the back of the double lens design arrangement with HUAWEI Mate 9 as the vertical exposure, right below the circular LED flash, is equipped with fingerprint recognition sensor. However, perhaps the market positioning of the reason, the glory of the new machine is used in the past common body aluminum stamping process, the upper and lower ends of the mosaic is plastic components, that is to say on the next frame is plastic, compared with blue and red rice charm and other major competitors of all metal design to look behind some. Although it is not clear the specific identity of this glorious new machine or the glory of 6X, but according to sources on micro-blog claimed that the machine code named "Berlin", a possible final official name for the glory of 6X, equipped with a 5.5 inch touch screen, and support for 1080p resolution, loaded with 8 million pixel front lens and rear dual camera is a rare combination of 12 million pixels +200 megapixel, equipped with a 3340 Ma battery, and has the function of fast charging. Some regret that the source did not disclose the glory of the new 6X processor and memory combinations and other functions. But there are users in Post Bar disclosed that the aircraft will be equipped with kylin 650 processor, memory combination 3GB RAM+32GB with ROM, the whole Netcom version of the price was 1399 yuan, is expected to be officially on October this year. In addition to the sales of 8 released glory, the glory is still the official weekend officially released the glory 8 50 days after the listing of the sales performance, including the global market, the glory of 8 sold a total of 1 million 500 thousand units, at the same time, this model also launched a customized version of Wu Yifan Sakura language powder ", mainly for female users. Domestic machine reached the United States: foreigners out of the box HUAWEI glory 8 at present, the glory of 8 has landed in Europe and the United States market. Among them, the price of the domestic market is the cheapest, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM version priced 1999 yuan, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM version priced at $2499. The European market is about 2990 yuan and $3750, compared to the national bank version to be more than $one thousand.相关的主题文章: