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Still more like SUV! Seven car choose? Sohu automobile decreased with the open two-child policy and Car Buying cost, the traditional car market share gradually narrowed, but created 7 models has become a new hotspot in the market, including SUV and MPV as the 7 models of the most common, but many consumers are often entangled in them which is more suitable for you? Let’s according to the characteristics and the target population of the two, to check the number of 7 models to choose the most suitable own. 7 characteristics of the SUV and the application of the crowd Professor analysis: first of all, we are from the sensory analysis, almost all of the 7 SUV body image is high and large, virtually give us a sense of atmospheric security. The chassis height advantage, gives 7 SUV with better through vision and driving, especially for the bad road potholes with incomparable masterpiece. Unfortunately, 7 commonly used SUV 2+3+2 layout, this also means that, in order to take measures to have second rows before sitting third rows, the body structure design and subject to the 7 seat SUV, even a little big figure sitting in all is a problem, don’t mention the so-called comfort and spaciousness, basically can only turn the child or the small passenger,. Therefore, in the daily travel time, the 7 SUV row of seats in the practical high is not high, to a large extent, can be said to vary from person to person, third. Target population: one is often run in poor condition, for consumers, through the sitting posture and vision vehicle has strict selection criteria; two is to try not to have third rows of seats to be used as the mentality, advice is to use the emergency, because even in full, now not what comfort and space, so buy 7 SUV consumers to short emergency travel is undoubtedly the most suitable. MPV characteristics and application of the crowd Professor analysis: compared to 7 SUV, the most prominent feature of the MPV is more comfortable and practical. In the professor’s experience in the body, lower MPV, not only let the passengers access is very easy, but thanks to the MPV 2+2+3 seat layout, three row second, the space is simply guards, basically not to ride with ordinary cars differences, even in the head and leg space is also fully seckill the 7 seat SUV. But MPV also has some shortcomings, because the MPV has a low chassis features, but also makes it worse through, more suitable for pavement or urban road pavement, the scope of activities are limited. Target population: first, with the dual purpose of family and business, that the comfort and space is essential to purchase 7 models. Two is the daily family members or travel activities more, need to be loaded with 7 members at any time and place, the car seat is full of rigid demand. Three is the best not to demand through SUV, usually around the basic scope of activities in the high-speed road or city, need more similar car like handling and stability, so there is no doubt that the purchase of MPV is the best choice for this type of consumers. 100 thousand inside the 7 SUV and MPV difference相关的主题文章: