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Star wardrobe door Huang Xiaoming Li Bingbing broke wages stars lying gun source: Beijing Beijing time financial reporter Wang Zeling [] name star wardrobe, very loud sounds are inextricably relationship with celebrities and. The fact is true, by Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and other stars of the partnership established Star in the C+ round of investment of $1 million 800 thousand, while also personally for their platform for them in the VC. However, recently, Beijing time star wardrobe employees claimed that it launched in 2012 the electricity supplier enterprises, recently because of the tense capital, employees have 3 months did not receive wages, do not pay social security for five or six months. It was in a number of programs sponsored embezzlement in stark contrast. Star wardrobe stakeholders in an interview with reporters at the time of Beijing also admitted that they do have financial constraints, many times before promised to solve the problem of wages to employees, but repeatedly frustrated. Meanwhile, also told reporters at the time of Beijing, the company is financing, will be held in October press conference announced financing information, I hope you give a chance to breathe. Employees in March did not pay a social security is a half year, Beijing has not qualified to buy a house, the star wardrobe on the line in August 2012, positioned as a fashion class APP. After the line on "burn" title to fame. One of the most eye-catching is a 61 million 190 thousand yuan in a program photographed Bea Hayden and designer of the series of works of, shocked the investment community. Recently, Beijing time broke the news that he had received Star VC investment star wardrobe from May began to default on wages, wages in June until the year before the release of hair. Broke the news, said: Star wardrobe probably from May onwards began to default on wages, before the hair is 25 monthly wages. Is the beginning of drag back for ten days, dragged on for a month, month, June or September has just issued wages. After leaving now, July and August have not received wages, provident fund and social security is currently no casualties, in July and August did not pay social security, provident fund is March to June are not equal to say now, in March after the resignation of the provident fund is no attrition in the company is dragged, solve this week but there are no what sign." The source said that it has applied for labor arbitration, and he was the same as the resignation of about two dozen colleagues have applied for arbitration, labor arbitration, said the people will be handled before the Mid Autumn Festival wardrobe. But as of press time reporter, broke the news that the matter is still not processed. Beijing Times reporter contacted two have left and employees, confirmed the situation, one has to leave a few months ago said their employees provident fund has not led to downsizing of new companies to pay the provident fund. The internal working group. In addition to the star wardrobe in arrears of staff salaries and five social insurance and one housing fund, the Beijing Times reporter learned that the star wardrobe owed payment businesses. A payment owed to the merchant to the Beijing time reporter said that the star wardrobe under normal circumstances, the purchase price of two thousand can be raised, but from the beginning of April this year, even if it is also reported相关的主题文章: