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Spielberg a "giant" to enter the mainland scheduled October 14th "dream giant" notice given file kind of giant Tencent struck Dream Entertainment News Director Steven · Spielberg’s new fantasy adventure film "a giant" formally introduced, announced that the scheduled October 14th National release. The film adaptation of Roald Dahl · global best-selling novel "giant" good heart, Hollywood is famous screenwriter Melissa · Matheson left the world of the. The film side today exposed film fixed gear posters, one hand is to pay tribute to the late Melissa, on the other hand, meaning "a giant" will continue to open another classic, thrilling romantic dream tour for the audience. Oscar the giant reunion old, romantic adventure "giant" regression of dreams by Film Group Corp Chinese import, Huaxia Film Distribution Co. issued nationwide, dubbed the 81 film studio, Beijing Zoomlion UNITA Investment Co., to assist in the promotion of culture media. The film director, entitled "the movie dreamer" reputation of Spielberg have won the two Oscar award, in a "giant" script writing stage, he was invited to worked Ma Kerrey (Mark Rylance), and longs last time he and the old Adams cooperation successfully won the eighty-eighth Oscar Award for the best actor oscar. Will be released in October 14th of the "dream" is not only a giant Spielberg after a lapse of 5 years for the return, he also joined forces and Ma Kerrey the two giant Oscar lens. It is worth mentioning that, for the first time Spielberg uses a lot of motion capture technology and reality combination of shooting style, coupled with a unique perspective on display in the film trailer and romantic wonders, many fans are looking forward to this unusual viewing experience. This year after the debut of the Cannes Film Festival this year, the world’s media and film critics pay attention to the summer after the release of rotten tomatoes in North America was 72% degrees, many professional scoring sites agreed that the film is quite standard. From the trailer to the exposure of the film itself, delicate emotions, sweet dream of the picture is undoubtedly the biggest selling point for long domestic fans is particularly excited, have expressed concern and support in the online message, said he must go to the cinema to experience the old, new and unique audio-visual enjoyment. The pilot notice really beautiful fixed gear posters in the trailer full of warmth to the exposure, well intentioned Cyclops is undoubtedly the biggest focus. The little girl in Sophie’s recommendation, good giants slowly to the queen unveiled, the trailer also shows good eye catching with the giant dream dream, and how the process for people to realize their dreams in their sleep. Despite the relentless destruction of the bad giant, but the kindness of the eyes of the giant and brave little girl Sophie joined forces, not only to protect the human and the dream, but also a unique harvest and a warm heart of romantic love. Set file poster and trailer exposure at the same time also extremely warm heart, good faith, Sophie opened a small hand just can seize the kind giant poster in the little finger, the picture of innocence and warm, with the slogan "so this world is larger than expected, with Spielberg’s unique romantic feelings. Posters with a unique handshake.相关的主题文章: