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The space flight laboratory program released two male astronauts aboard the Shenzhou eleven – Beijing manned space laboratory stage planning four important missions, including the long march seven rocket flight for the first time, as well as Tiangong two, Shenzhou eleven and one day boat flight. Astronaut manned spaceflight project, space applications, manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft, space lab, Long March two F rocket, long march seven rocket launch site in Jiuquan, Wenchang, field emission, communications and landing 11 systems in space flight laboratory. In June 25th this year, the long march seven launch vehicle at the Wenchang launch site perfect debut. Tiangong two space laboratory successfully launched last night. It is understood that the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft and Shenzhou spacecraft technology is basically the same as the state of the world, according to the needs of the task and product development, part of the technical status of the change in the. The Shenzhou eleven spacecraft was launched by the long march FY11 rocket at the Jiuquan launch site, consisting of 2 male astronauts. The Long March two FT2 rocket and T1 rocket, Y11 rocket and Y10 rocket technology is basically the same, in order to further improve the safety and reliability, some technical changes. The first day of the first cargo ship cargo cabin and propulsion module two cabin configuration, the design life of the track for 1 years, launched by the long march seven Y2 rocket launch site in Wenchang. Siziwangqi’s main landing site is responsible for the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft re-entry capsule search and rescue and recovery tasks. Located in the east of the auxiliary landing field as a backup, and assume a multi-purpose spacecraft return capsule model search and recovery tasks. Tiangong two laboratory space launch in Jiuquan, about 10 minutes after takeoff is separated from the rocket, the initial orbit perigee 200 km, apogee 350 km, after entering the orbit altitude of about 393 km near circular orbit, complete orbit test and space application load testing. The Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft will launch in Jiuquan, into orbit by orbit phase, a combination with Tiangong two rendezvous and docking, the astronauts entered the Tiangong two, experiments of space science and technology. The combination operation of thirtieth days, the Shenzhou eleven with Tiangong two separation, astronauts return capsule returned to Siziwangqi the main landing field. Tiangong two continues to orbit. Day boat one cargo spacecraft will launch in Wenchang, into orbit by orbit phase, a combination with Tiangong two rendezvous and docking, for additional propellant test. Day boat one complete assembly task dock with Tiangong two to carry out separation, equipped with load test. Tiangong two continues to orbit, to carry out the space science experiment and test technology. Tiangong two and day boat one end of life were controlled deorbit, Pacific Ocean to fall. Newspaper correspondent Sun Leqi J245 shows why less than the Tiangong-1 astronauts as the real space laboratory, one of the main Temple No. two, this task is with the Shenzhou eleven rendezvous and docking, then it will carry two astronauts in space life for 30 days, to achieve the medium-term presence of astronauts. Why compared to相关的主题文章: