Southern Thailand militants ambushed police ambushed 5 people killed and injured-reshacker

Southern Thailand militants ambushed police series caused 5 casualties – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing in September 23, Bangkok news: Southern Thailand 23 attacks from happening again, the local police and fire fighters suffered a bomb ambush, killing 3 people were killed, two people were injured, one seriously. According to Thailand, "Bangkok post" reported that the attack occurred in the area is quite active in southern Yala a separatist and drug gangs. 23 am local time, the police were divided by two police cars passing here, the result was a series of militants ambushed. The reported quoted Yala police and militants detonated a first buried in the highway drainage tube in the bomb in the rear driving car blew up, then at least 7 militants appeared, shot on a police car in front of the driving of the ambush. A series of attacks by militants killed 3 policemen were killed and two policemen were injured, one seriously. "Bangkok post" said the militants fled the scene, but also stole the police car in the 3 rifles and 3 pistols. Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani house is the 3 house at the southernmost tip of Thailand, often referred to as "in the three provinces of souththailand". In recent years, has been in office three separatist violence. In late 8 this year, Pattani Prefecture and other places after another spate of bombings and arson, killing at least 6 people were killed and nearly a hundred people were injured. In addition, before and after July the Muslim Eid al Fitr, Pattani Prefecture central mosque, checkpoint institutions such as bomb attacks, resulting in the death of two police officers, 6 police officers and civilians were injured. Which occurred at the border station explosion also ignited the fire, the checkpoint severely burned. According to the Thailand authorities statistics, since 2004, the Separatists killed more than 6 thousand and 500 people in the "Thailand three house" attacks. Thailand police said the militants or dissatisfaction with the government, or advocate the Division also is employed in southern Thailand, attack. From the modus operandi, most of them have been trained, and the use of a series of attacks, intended to create greater casualties and panic. (end)相关的主题文章: